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Chot Benson

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Monichot Samreth Zaman University-Cambodia Chem 106 Assignment 4
Dr.Murat Tutumlu 12:100 hexagonal close-packed structure The electrical conductivity of titanium is approximately 2500 times greater than that of silicon. Titanium has a hexagonal close-packed structure, and silicon has the diamond structure. Explain how the structures relate to the relative electrical conductivities of the elements. The atoms in a crystal pack as close together as they can based on the respective sizes of the atoms. Close-packed crystal structure characterized by the regular alternation of two layers; the atoms in each layer lie at the vertices of a series of equilateral triangles, and the atoms in one layer lie directly above the centers of the triangles in neighboring layers. Abbreviated hcp structure.
the conductivity of electricity of titanium is greater then that of the silicon. Because Titanium has the hexogonal close pack structure, which atom is very close to each other causing the touching area to be close to each other. However, the diamond structure is very far away from each other causing the area effect to be very low. Answer: A crystal structure in which each atom is the center of a tetrahedron formed by its nearest neighbors. The location of each atom in the element has some distance from each other.

While the first known example was diamond, other elements in group 14 also adopt this structure, the semiconductors silicon and germanium, and silicon/germanium alloys in any proportion. Diamond Structure
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