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Finisterra Travel

Travel to the Edge of the World

Estelle Gadrat

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Finisterra Travel

What we do
Small Group Adventures
Custom & Specialty Tours
Educational Tours
Who we are
But we can go to lot more countries ...
Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Belize Bolivia Bosnia Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Cambodia Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Czech Republic Ecuador & Galapagos Ethiopia Georgia Greece Greenland Guatemala Guyana/Suriname Iceland India Indonesia Iran Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Laos Macedonia Madagascar Mauritius Mayotte Mexico Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Myanmar Nepal Nicaragua Oman Peru Poland Portugal Reunion Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia Seychelles Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Trinidad Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan U.A.E Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
ask for a quote
Unwinding on the beaches of San Juan del Sur

Wandering through the colourful colonial streets of Granada & León

Peering into the crater of Masaya Volcano

Exploring Ometepe Island a UNESCO Biosphere
Discovering the colonial splendours of Lima & Arequipa

Delving into the “Archaeological Capital of the Americas,” Cusco

Soaking-in the astonishing views of Machu Picchu

Exploring the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca
Specialty Tour: Surf & Yoga Retreat
Learning to surf on uncrowded beach-break (no rocks, no reef, no riptide, no worries)

Rejuvenating your body & soul with daily yoga sessions (Yoga Alliance Certified instructors)

Enjoying 24/7 access to surfboards, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and yoga mats

Practicing your Spanish and salsa skills

Exploring Quito’s Colonial Centre and straddling the Equator
Visiting the only remaining Ancient Wonder of the World, the Great Pyramid

Gazing up at the monumental pillars of Karnak Temple in Luxor

Riding on donkeys, camels, and horse carriages over mountains, across deserts and through bustling cities

Sailing the Nile in a dahabiya

Reveling in the magnificence of Abu Simbel
Seeing seldom visited corners of the “Rose-Red City” of Petra on our amazing hikes

Dashing across the picturesque desert of Wadi Rum, stopping in on local tea tents and visiting intricately carved canyons

Peering over the edges of towering crusader fortresses

Floating effortlessly in the Dead Sea before a mud bath

Witnessing the majesty of the Treasury by candlelight
Hiking up to visit the breathtaking Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Crossing terraced rice fields on the way to visit the Divine Madman

Trekking 5 days through awe-inspiring Himalayan scenery

Learning about the adventures of Guru Rinpoche and his flying tigress

Exploring ancient dzongs and temples
Our scheduled tours
Boutique tour operator
Specializing in active adventure travel
to exotic destinations around the globe
Keri Montgomery
Rob Kruse
Hiking around the birthplace of the Incas on Isla del Sol

Exploring Tiwanaku – Bolivia’s most incredible archaeological site

Visiting the UNESCO cities of Sucre & Potosi

Ogling at the spectacular scenery of the Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats)
Visiting 4 islands in one of most unique archipelagos in the world

Learn about conservation initiatives at the Charles Darwin Research Center

Snorkeling with sea turtles, sea lions & amazing underwater wildlife

Admiring the famous giant tortoises in their natural habitat
Improving your ski techniques with CSIA certified Section8 coaches

Enjoying 9 days of skiing at some of South America’s top resorts

Soaking in volcanic hot springs under the stars

Learning about Chilean culture from local guides
Rob has been a world traveller right from the start – he has lived in 10 countries, attended university in 3, and visited countless others. He strives to explore and experience everything the world has to offer.
Self-proclaimed travel junkie, Keri’s journeys over the past 15 years
have taken her to 50+ countries on 6
continents. She has
led tours to
destinations from
Reykjavik to Ushuaia and hundreds of
locations in-between.
Specialty Tour:
The Galapagos Wildlife Adventure
Specialty Tour:
Chilean Ski Extravaganza
F llow us!
Game drives in Ngorongoro Crater,
Serengeti & Maasai Mara

Chasing Africa’s “Big 5”
Experiencing local cuisine

Encountering and interacting with tribes

Cradle of Humankind at Olduvai Gorge
South Africa
Sipping chai on the temple steps in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square

Riding high atop an elephant through the jungle searching for rhinos

Watching spectacular Himalayan sunrises

Trekking 4 days through fields, forests and villages with awe-inspiring views

Soaking up the serenity in Pokhara and Tansen
so now
we'd like to know
are you ready for an adventure?
Game drives in Kruger National Park

Chasing Africa’s “Big 5”

Experiencing world-class cuisine

Exploring Cape Town & the Cape Flats

Sipping on wine in Stellenbosch
Kenya & Tanzania
1 (800) 806-0761
Little Corn Island
Yoga session
Surf lesson
Machu Picchu
Amazing Textiles
Friendly Locals
Salar de Uyuni
Beach Cruisin'
Sally Lightfoot Crab
Ski Coaching
Powder Snow
What's up?
Victoria Falls
Zebras Galore!
Welcome Dance
Hot Air Balloon
Ancient Faces
Arabian Horse
Wadi Rum
Prayer Flags
Indian Rhino
Amazing Festivals
Punakha Dzong
Tiger's Nest
Marvelling at ancient Mayan sites: Tikal, Caracol, Yaxha, Topoxte, and Lamanai
Experiencing traditional Mayan villages around the scenic Lake Atitlán
Strolling the cobble-stoned streets in the colonial city of Antigua
Spotting wildlife in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
Chilling on the white sandy beaches of Caye Caulker
Amazing Weavers
Belize &
Caye Caulker
Finisterra Travel
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