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Gabbie Bouchard

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Superman

A Part of Our History.
Why Is Superman an Important Part of Canadian History?

Superman also created a market where merchandise (Superman logo T-Shirts, Comics, Movies, etc.) could be purchased. The character also began inspiration for many other artists(Invention of Superman lead to the idea of Wonder Woman and Batman, which was very successful and popular in Canada.),

What Important Information is Missed in the HM?
The date is clearly stated as 1931 but it lacks emphasis on the economic situation of that time. The influence of the American Superhero is derived from the time period of the Terrible Thirties in which the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression was occurring. The Dust Bowl being a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the agriculture of the US and Canadian prairies and The Great Depression being a severe worldwide economic depression in the time following World War I.
Historica Minutes 20- Superman
The character of Superman was invented by Canadian artist Joe Shuster and was further developed and made into a comic with the help of Jerry Siegel. These co-creators introduced a now easily recognized character that creates imagination in the hearts of the young. The first DC Comic was published in
Action Comics
No. 1 (June 1938). After the comic was published Superman appeared in many radio serials, television programs, films, newspaper strips, and video games. Superman's costume was made to be iconic unique, and distinctive.
Introduction to Video
Has Superman Changed Canadian History?
This video shows the creator Joe Shuster a Toronto-born 17 year old cartoonist when he came up with the idea of a "strange visitor from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men" while he was on his way to see his cousin Frank Shuster. Others thought it was just a silly idea, but little did they know that Superman would be a very big comic book Superhero.

Should More Be Taught About Superman in School? (Why, Why not?)
Do You Feel National Pride Towards Superman? (Why, Why not?)
I would not say there is a strong pride for Superman as he is most distinctly an American super hero(clearly depicted through his mostly red and blue tight fit clothing), but to many others who live,breath,and study comics and superheros, they would find some pride towards him because his character was designed by a national born Canadian. Superman can be known as a "Universal Hero."
The character of Superman was very beloved as he provided a distraction when economies were crashing and both rich and poor people were devastatingly effected. Children were able to immerse themselves in stories that provided them hope as the decade after the comic was released was the beginning of World War II. The story of Superman usually found ways to indirectly offer hope to North American citizens. A specific example was Superman always managing to defeat one of his many enemies, the corrupt CEO of a company called LexCorp, this gave people the hope that one day the corrupt society they were surrounded with could be defeated and there could be peace.
As fun as it would be to add a whole section about Superman to the Social textbook and scrap the French Revolution, it's not necessary for our learning purposes, and it's more beneficial for us to know about the world over fictional characters. It is a part of history however and was very important to the people of the generations before us and it wouldn't hurt to mention it once or twice.
Superman has not really changed Canadian history because he is basically known as an American Superhero, his phrase was to once again defend "Truth, Justice And the American way" he was a comic book character to help kids lose track of what was going on around them in the "dirty thirties." But who would have thought that this great American hero was designed by a Canadian?
By: Kendal,Gabbie, and Zack
Historica Minutes 20-1
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