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K Poppers

K pop project.

Victoria Maidon

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of K Poppers

Victoria Maidon
Gabbi Galvan Kpop Kpop fans like the style of music of Kpop. Kpop can be described as dance, electronic, rap, hip-hop, and R & B. Bias- Someone you favor. Your favourite person in a group.
Oppa- "Older brother"
what girls will call an older boy musician they like.
Unnie- "Older sister"
what girls will call an older girl musician.
Daebak- Big win. Great success.
Hwaiting- Fighting. Used to support Asian celebrities.
Soko- South Korea Dictionary Things you need to buy! Food Habits CD's
of their favourite Kpop groups! Most Kpop fans are also big fans of South Korea. Therefore they are curious to try out Korean foods. Typically they try traditional Korean dishes. Most of which include meat in it, not many vegetarian friendly dishes. Still Korean food tends to be very healthy compared to other foods around the world. Some dishes include:
-white rice Stores usually don't sell the things Kpop fans need so they order a lot of things online. Kpop fans are typically known as "Kpoppers" Because they are Kpop fans many would like to visit South Korea where the music was born. The Basics Words fans use. sources Since Kpop fans come from all over the world, there is no certain way they dress. Although they do admire Korean fashion. Each group has their own unique style and wardrobe. Sometimes these groups like to cross dress because it's fun and the fans enjoy it. What They Wear Kpop videos have not only become popular in S.Korea but also worldwide. Currently there is a Kpop video that has become viral with 116,924,892 views on youtube. PSY-Gangnam style http://usa-fashions.com/trends-korean-bodypants-for-girls-2012/78/ http://lovingk.com/2012/03/20/shinee-profile/ http://blazegirls.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/info-110412-mtv-k-poll-kevinwoo-is-voted-the-5-best-looking-cross-dressing-idol/ Cross-dressing game Guess if they are a girl or boy. 1. Places to visit. 2. It's every fan's dream to visit South Korea. They probably will go to Seoul, S. Korea. They go to Korea Town. There's one in Dallas, New York, LA, Virginia, Chicago. Fans also go to tons of concerts that are held around the world. 3. 4. 5. Companies and Groups. SM YG Girl's Generation
Super Junior Big Bang
Miss A
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