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Marie Curie

No description

kyra buchanan

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Marie Curie

Marie Curie I am Marie Curie. I was born in warsaw, poland. She was born on November 7, 1869.
She died on July 4, 1934. Her mom and dad i asume were nice
scince they were both teachers. Marie had four other sibling.
Their names are Zophia ,Jozef,
Bronislawa, and Helen.
Maire lost her Zofia and monm as a child. Who am i and, where was i born? Where was i born and, when did i die. How where my parents? Did i have any brothers or sisrers. If so what were their names What was my childhood like? Did any thing significant
happen to my in my childhood that steared me into the
direction i took? Her childhood was crucial becuase she lost her
sister Zophia and her mother. She did not have anything significant happen to her, but she did lose faith in her Roman Catholic religon and became agnostic. What schools did i go to? Did i receive any special honors?

She went to sexton elementary school, meadowland middle school, northeast high school.She got one award and it was a nobel prize for phisics. Where did i live? was i outgoing or quiet? Did i have a spouse?
Did i have children? Did i have any hobbies? If so what were they?

She lived in Paris with her sister Bronya, But before that she lived in Warsaw, Poland. She was an outgoing person. She did have a spouse his name was Pierre Curie. She had two girls. Their names are ireanne, and sara. Was their anything out of the ordinary about me?
If so what what? Do you think it had any impact on my contributions to the world of science and or math?

No none at all. Pics of Marie Curie. What contributions did i make to the world of science?

Marie study of minerals and led, lead to the discovery of radium. How did i come up with my ideas, inventions,or discoveries?

she worked with her husband studying x-rays thats how they found out that harmful rays could kill tumors. Who did i work with?

You worked with your husband. What special skills did i need to be successful?

A special skill that she would need is to be able to study so she would not fail, but that is not a problem becuase she loved to study. What tools did i use?

You use a tool called electrons. Did my constributions help people? If so how?

Yes it helped to find ways to get ride of tumors. Did my contributions have an economic impact on society?

Yes she invented radio activity so people can measure radiation. Did my contributions change the course of the future?

Yes you discovered radium and potonium. If I had not existed would the world be
different today?How?

Yes because we would not know a way to get
ride of tumors. Describe how your life your life is effected because
of my contributions.

Yes because she studied radio activity isotopes which
is modern cancer treatment.
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