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No description

Go Green or Go Home

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of FOOD

A human right,
or a business product?
The 10 companies that control our food...

Do they treat their employees fairly?

Do they treat their customers fairly?

On one side, we have companies advertising
to us to buy more and more food.

On the other side, we have companies advertising to us that we have to:

be thinner go on diets

change the way our bodies look
What is food justice?

What is food justice?

“Food justice seeks to ensure that the benefits and risks of where, what and how food is grown, produced, transported, distributed, accessed and eaten are shared fairly. Food justice represents a transformation of the current food system, including but not limited to eliminating disparities and inequities.”

Robert Gottlieb & Joshi Anupama, Food Justice

“75 percent of graders and sorters of agricultural product… 77 percent of the 6.5 million workers in food preparation and service… 68 percent of food servers and 78 per-cent of restaurant greeters are women” (Allen & Sachs, 2007. p.7).
How is this all related to environmental degredation?
Food justice activism- different approaches
Approach # 1: Experiential learning
Definition: Learning through doing, and learning through reflecting upon what you are doing. The learner is playing an active role
Approach # 2:
Learning & Entrepreneurship: Creating an alternative economy which suits the needs of one's community
Triple bottom line sustainability; the 'three pilars approach
Mitten Bites!
The Academy
Growing Power -aquaponics
Youth Corps
Approach # 2:
Learning & Entrepreneurship:

gaining knowledge of how to grow your own food
Bringing it to the 6
How does seeing all of these impossible
standards affect the way we feel about
our own bodies?
Everyday I hear messages from society about my fat body. I’m told that it’s a sign of moral failing, laziness, it’s a shortcoming, it’s unattractive, blah blah blah – the negative messages are incessant and ubiquitous.

My fat body is far too valuable to be treated like a car whose worth is lowered because of some wear and tear. It’s far too astounding to be a metaphor or a political statement. It’s far too complicated to run on the same formula used to fuel a lawn mower. It is far too profound to be reduced to a ratio of weight and height. And it is far too amazing to be judged by anyone.

My fat body is not a representation of my failures, sins, or mistakes. My fat body is not an indication of my level of health or fitness. My fat body is not up for public discussion, debate or judgment. My fat body is not a signal that I need help or input to make decisions about my health or life. My fat body is the constant companion that helps me do every single thing that I do every second of every day and it deserves respect and admiration.

If you are incapable of appreciating my body and treating it with respect and admiration that is your deficiency not mine; work on it or not, but I do not care. Nor am I interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter so, if you want to be around me, you are 100% responsible for doing whatever it takes to keep those thoughts to yourself. If you are incapable of doing that I will stop spending time with you – I spend my time with people who can treat me appropriately.

I will wield my beautiful fat body like a weapon. I will love it, I will care for it, I will move it, I will show it in public, I will viciously defend my body against anyone who seeks to classify it as anything but amazing. You’ve been warned – back off.

Ragain Chastain
How have people harnessed
the media, their neighbourhood -- themselves -- to take back control of their food and their
Who controls
our food?
African Food Basket; Cultivating Youth Leadership (CYL) Program
Provides youth in Toronto opportunities to develop employment, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills
increases youths' knowledge and skills in organic agriculture and environmental stewardship
increase youths' civic engagement and social network
improve youths' health knowledge related to diet and exercise
increase participants, and communities' awareness of local food systems and food security issues
increase local community food access to culturally appropriate foods
Why food justice in Toronto?
Emergency food services

Political advocacy
Food Nation
1) Create Healthy Food Neighbourhoods
2) Reduce Poverty
3) Create Good Food Jobs
4) Increase Availability of Healthy Food
5) Connect Eaters and Councillors
Bring places to grow, cook, sell & buy fresh healthy food to all neighbourhoods.
Bring 250,000 Torontonians out of poverty.
Create a thousand good food jobs.
Bring fresh, healthy food to 100 food assistance programs.
Listen and support constituents on healthy food initiatives & jobs.
Experiential learning
Why is learning about food justice important for all young people?
What does food mean to you in your life?
What messages do you have for decision makers about food justice and youth?
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