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Sasha Jair Espinosa de Alba

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Values

Hierarchy of values
Any human being by his or her experience, education or culture, establishes a hierarchy of values ​​in life thereby determining what is most valuable for him or her.
Authors theory of Value
Max Scheler Nicolai Hartman
(1874-1928) (1882-1950)

Propounded the analysis of human actions from the point of view of experience.

Classification of Value
Religious​​: the sacred and the divine.

Intellectual​​: truth, intelligence, wisdom.

Aesthetic​​: beauty, grace, harmony

Material​​: price, profit, quality
Classification of Value
: prosperity, prestige, fame, competitiveness.

Sensitive joy
: it refers to feelings (pleasure, pain)

: health

​​: Good, Life, Dignity, Liberty,
Justice, Solidarity, Respect, Tolerance, Honesty, Peace.
What Is a Value?
As human beings we are constantly evaluating our reality.
A value refers to a certain degree of preference for a particular object.
We value something because is a useful object or when referring to actions we value what we remark as admirable.
Bipolar :
Well-bad ,Honest-Dishonest, beautiful -ugly

Subjective :
When each person gives a value to things

Intangibles / abstract :
values don't exist by themselves

Universal :
all human beings perceive values differently, however all cultures share the same concepts.

Characteristics of values

There are two kinds of values:

related to common good and social harmony

not related to common good and social harmony

against well being and with negative consequences

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