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Human Rights. Always.

CBIE, 2013 Presentation with Thevi, Michelle & Julia

julia satov

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Human Rights. Always.

Human Rights. Always.

The Post Secondary
International Office
Academic & Coop Advising
Academic Excellence
Campus Experience
Co-Curricular Events/Offerings
Residential Experiences
Faculty Interaction
Institutional Structure & Culture
Programs Abroad
Julia M. Satov
Lead, Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Adviser
Centennial College, ON

The agency of the formal curriculum, and formal pedagogy

Cultural relativity, cultural and social capital

Centennial's Global Citizenship & Equity
Thevi Pather
International Programs & Global Advancement
Royal Roads University, BC

Michelle Suderman,
Associate Director, International Student Development
University of British Columbia
Case Studies - Discussion

1. In what way are human rights at issue in this situation? Whose?

2. What role might be played in addressing the issue by the institution? The student? Others?

3. What opportunities does this present to understand and address systemic barriers to full inclusion?

What is Human Rights?

Why Always?

Universality vs. Relativity

Culture Based Exclusion

Thevi Pather
Michelle Suderman
Julia M. Satov
The Case Studies

Funding: Catch-22

Says Who?

Out of Here

Home Sweet Home
Examining the Challenges
Human Rights: Context & Scope
Institutional Agents of Empowerment
CBIE, 47th Annual Conference, 2013
Welcome & Introductions

- Thevi – Rationale & Context for Discussion
- Julia - Institutional Agents of Empowerment
- Michelle - Context & Case Studies
- All: Interactive Discussion & Take-Aways


Principals to promote and protect the human rights of international students, Australian Human Rights Commission, 2013

International Student Mobility Charter, European Association International Education, 2012
What mechanisms within the post-secondary classroom
experience empower students?
Why this topic?
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