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The Zarg Tyranny

No description

Katherine L

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of The Zarg Tyranny

The Zarg Tyranny
A Short Story by Valerie Thame
Fascinated by the past
Thinks about her father often
Apart from L42 and Miriam, she knows nothing of her family
Miriam's daughter
Jade's mother
Real name is Buttercup
Loyal to the Zarg Tyranny
Jade's Grandmother
L42's mother
Often speaks of old times and her husband Kern
Accommodation unit
After 2500
Rising Action 1
Jade argues with her mother about the Zarg Rules
Rising Action 2
Jade wanted to know here she came from
Rising Action 3
Rising Action 4
Jade talks to Miriam
Miriam takes out a book on planet Earth
Rising Action 5
Rising Action 6
Miriam describes Earth and it's beings
Miriam explains how Jade's mother sees things differently and has threatened to report her
Rising Action 7
Rising Action 8
Miriam and Jade browsed the forbidden book
Miriam pointed out a passage written by her grandfather
Rising Action 9
Rising Action 10
They notice 4 words;
Vox et Praeterea Nihil
Jade offers to access the main data banks and figure out what the words mean
Rising Action 11
Rising Action 12
Placators took Miriam away and L42 carried on as if nothing had happened
For part of the time in her training module, Jade looked through forbidden directories and data banks looking for information about the history of Cratern and the beginning of the Zarg rule
Rising Action 13
Rising Action 14
She found a thesaurus of languages but while looking through them, her screen blanked out.
Jade tried to retrieve th files when a Zarg face appeared on the screen, once she keyed in her personal code and password, it told her the charge of accessing classified information and that further investigation was necessary
Rising Action 15
Rising Action 16
60 seconds later, 2 placators took her to an interrogation room
She was told to key in her personal information and password and singned in as L42
Rising Action 17
Rising Action 18
She got caught
She keyed in the four words from the book as a last hope;
Vox et praeterea nihil
Rising Action 19
Rising Action 20
A Zarg face appered and welcomed her to Cratern and told her the history of the Zarg system;
Zonal Automatic Replay Government which was created by humans in the year 2500
She found the meaning of the 4 words which translated from Latin to:
A voice and nothing more
In my opinion, the Climax is when Jade erases the Zarg sytem
I think this because it is "the moment" we have gotten to know the characters, they have set the scene, they have built us up, and it all leads up to this, this is where everything changes and it is where they're lives change forever, giving us
"The moment"
Falling Action 1
Doors slid open,
people were shocked
and different habitation zones mingled together
Falling Action 2
Everyone could leave and were now free
Falling Action 3
Miriam and Jade reunited
They will need to make changes on Cratern, but...
They lived happily ever after!!
The Author's Message:
In my opinion, the author's message is to always stand up for what you believe in because no matter what it is, no matter what others think, it could end up saving the world. It is demonstrated here by showing that while everyone believed in the Zarg rules, Miriam and Jade knew that something was not right and stood up for it.
Everyone should have a little Buttercup, but also a little Miriam in them because Miriam stood up too much and got taken away but Buttercup didn't stand up at all and nothing would have been done.
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