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a raisin in the sun

No description

brianna green

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of a raisin in the sun

By: Brianna Green, Ben Rumsey, Makenzie Terrell, Courtney Zedilar, Korey Edgecomb A Raisin in the Sun Characters Characters cont. Major themes Author: Lorraine Hansberry (1930-1965)
Characters Cont. Karl Lindner: only white man, tells the youngers not to move and even offers to buy them a house Setting Chicago's 'Southdside; sometime between
world war II and the present Plot About a african american family who faces money trouble
once the father dies. Once money from his death comes
to the families hands they all have a different idea on
how to spend it. Which drives them away only to bring them closer once the money disappears due to walters
fault. Ruth Younger: Walters wife, pregnant, closest person to mama Leha Lounger(mama): head of house, very local and strong opinion, wants to buy a house with a yard so her family can have a better life. in everyone's business following your dreams
never back down
importance of family
over coming race to do you
valuing your heritage A Raisin in the Sun Travis Younger: child of Ruth, to himself, momma buys him the house Walter Lee Younger: negative, wants his dads insurance to open a liquor store but ends up losing it all. protagonist, greedy Beneatha Younger: sister of Walter. only one who went to college, wants to be a doctor, opposite views from mom, may marry asagai and move to africa Joseph Asagai: african, nigerian student, beneathas "lover" George Murchison: rich, everyone wants George and Beneatha to marry, but she doesnt like him. full of himself
"smart" Mrs.Johnson: lives next door, takes advantage of mama and tells them not to go live in a "white" neighborhood. Bobo: wants to buy a liquor store with walter Moving men: just moving men the end :)
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