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Vancouver VS. Omaha

No description

James Lightbody

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Vancouver VS. Omaha

Double click anywhere & add an idea Omaha Nebraska It's Illegal to go whaling in Omaha Moderately Exciting Facts
398,000 Population Home of the Ruben Sandwich Home of College World Series Economy The most well known is most likely Omaha Steaks Vancouver, British Columbia Where is
Vancouver? (Environmnt) -North of seattle
-east part of canada
-south of alaska City life hi HEY! IF YOU EVER FIND THIS, WELL, HAVE FUN I GUESS... wow this is boring -robson street brings out the lively hood of the city
-has a rich german history
-well known for vibrant nightlife andstreet performers robson street Vs. Economy Tourism Gastown -Historic side of town
-Named after local legend "Gassy Jack"
-Is the place of the gastown riot Nature Stanley Park -the "central park" of vancouver
-Best known for it's seawall
-is home to the biggest aquarium in Canada At over 5 miles long,
the seawall is great
for running, biking,
and skating The stanley aquarium is
home to over 70,000
animals, including nala
and her newborn baby
aurora Film suprising, right? Well,
not really:
-good canadian/us dollarexange rate
-diverse geography for shooting "around the world" What's so great about it? -over 1,000,000,000 dollars get
dumped in the local economy a year
-it produces 50,000 jobs a year
-It has made parts of Elf, Fantastic four, x-men 1 and 2, District 9 and more Culture "Party town" -First saloon built in 1867 by gassy jack
-known for vibrant and colorful nightlife
-over 1050 bars in vancouver nature oriented -Native indians belived heavily in conserving and celebrating nature
-British Columbia province motto= "Splendor without diminishment" -Native indians belived heavily in conserving
the environment
-British Columbia motto= "Spelendor without
diminishment Faux pas Low unemployment rate
Offut AFB
Not Just Corn Cuisine
home Meals
what to do
the Old Market Music
Indie Rock Environment
College feel
Small city or Big town?
going green to what extent does the environment affect movement? For Omaha, if you truly want to live out "there's no place like home, Omaha is right for you.

-The going green movement is strong here
-People are relocated here often
-Native Indians embrace and worship nature
-British Columbia Motto= "splendor without diminishment" For Vancouver-
-Exciting nightlife= younger people
-beautiful nature= campers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts
-green environment= treehuggers How does the environment affect the economy? for vancouver-
-mixture of natural and urban landscape= a great combowork and explore and a great tourist destination For Omaha, there are very flat plains that arer great for farming, especially corn and other produce. How does the environment affect culture? For vancouver-
-it's port it a crossroad from the west to the far east For Omaha, that's all, folks!
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