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Where Did Fashion Start?

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Makenzie Johnson

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Where Did Fashion Start?

1900s- 1999
When Did Fashion Start?
1600s Fashion (Where It All Started)
Fashion in the period 1600-1650 in Western European clothing is characterized by the disappearance of the ruff in favor of broad lace or linen collars. For women, the wide, high-waistline look of the previous period was gradually superseded by a long vertical line.
1700s Fashion
Many women in the early 1700's did not own more than about 2-4 outfits. Their clothing would usually be made of wool or linen and would all be hand sewn. The styles of the times dictated that elbows and knees be covered at all times.
1800s Fashion
Fashion in the 1800s had a certain kind of charm about itself. Fashion in the 1800s has been a source of inspiration to many creative minds.Women typically wore dresses that were floor-length, during the day as well as at night. Dresses Clothing for men, those who belonged to affluent families wore garments that had excessive detailing.
1900s-1990 Fashion
After the Civil War, grooming and tailoring improved. More variety could be seen in men and women's clothing. Women's skirts became narrower and appeared to be more cone-shaped than bell-shaped.Coats were worn on various occasions. In 1900's fashion, men had different coats for different times of the day as well as for different events. The grunge look was prominent in the 1990s. This was highly influenced by grunge music that became quite popular during this time period.
Charles Frederick Worth
Charles F, was born in England in 1825, his father went bankrupt and deserted the family when Worth was very young, so his mother took a job as a housekeeper to a relative. Worth moved to Paris where he worked doing what he had done in London - selling fabrics and accessories.One of the models was Marie Vernet and she and Worth often worked together. They were married and she became the mother of his two sons.Worth designed some simple and elegant gowns for Marie to wear while she showed the shawls and cloaks to prospective customers. Some of the customers noted the attractive gowns and their perfect fit and asked if Worth would make some for them. Worth was the first fashion designer to create clothes.
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad is a fashion designer and one of her clothing lines are called " Paper Crown" every since she was in 7Th grade she always wanted to do fashion design she lived in California and went to laguna beach High School and went to "Academy of Art University"She is now living in LA and attending FIDM's LA campus majoring in Fashion Design. Lauren now sells her clothes in Kholes you can go online to view her upcoming clothing line (website is called www.laurenconrad.com)
Co Co Channel
Designer Coco Chanel was born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel in 1883, although she would later claim that her real date of birth was 1893, making her ten years younger. During the 1920s, Coco Chanel became the first designer to create loose women's jersey, traditionally used for men's underwear, creating a relaxed style for women ignoring the stiff corseted look of the time. They soon became very popular with clients, a post-war generation of women for whom the corseted restricted clothing seemed old-fashioned and impractical.
This period also marked the rise of the periwig as an essential item of men fashion.
Men in the early men only had 2-4 as well as the women but the women would usually hand sew there clothes
Famous fashion designers ahead
My Area Of Interaction
My area of interaction is Human Ingenuity because human ingenuity allows you to explore in different ways. This relates to my project because fashion allows you to be creative and it involves with man mad thing such as arts and crafts
Why Did I pick Fashion As My Topic?
I picked Fashion as my topic because people think that fashion is a boring topic and i want them to learn that fashion can be interesting if you know where fashion came from. When grow up i want to have my own fashion line
Thank You For Watching
Any Questions
Interesting Facts
Did you know that the first magazine in the American colonies was called The American Magazine. It began publication on February 13, 1741 in Philadelphia and covered proceedings of colonial government, in addition to moral, political and historical topics. Andrew Bedford was the publisher.
Did you know that The word ‘jeans’ comes from the cotton pants worn by “Genes,” the local term for Genoan sailors.
Different kinds of fabrics that I learned about
Cotton Fabric
Silk Fabric
Linen Fabric
Wool Fabric
Leather Fabric
Ramie Fabric
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