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Matched Timeline

No description

ella warren

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Matched Timeline

Viewing the disk
Cassia is given a disk of information on Xander that she already knows. While viewing the disk at one moment someone else's face flashes on the screen.
The Matched Banquet
A Banquet that decides who your perfect match is held for every 17 year old in The Society. The main character Cassia Maria Reyes has waited for this event her entire life. It happens that her
Matching Banquet
is on her 17th
What they tell her
A worker from the Society comes and tells Cassia it was a mistake and to get forget about the face that appeared.
To her grandfather
Cassia is allowed by the worker to tell her grandfather of Ky's picture on her disk. They are both confused because the Society never makes mistakes. The next day is her grandfather's Final Banquet. Where he gives her an outlawed poem.
The Poem
Cassia loves the poem but she has to get rid of it. Having an outlawed poem is against the law. But during all this she can't help but keep thinking of Ky.
Ky is taken away and going to be a cannon fodder for a war the Society is loosing. Cassia and her family is moved to the Farmlands and she knows she has to do the right thing. She tells Xander that she is falling in love with Ky. Her parents send her to a work camp to bide her time until she hears from Ky again. That is how the book ends and is continued in the squeal Crossed.
Matched Timeline
by:Ella Warren

At The Banquet
Cassia is finally called and she goes up to the screen. The screen normally lights up with your matches face. The screen stays blank. The hostess announces that her match is her best friend Xander.
Who it was
The face belonged to a guy Cassia knows named Ky. The worker tells Cassia that he is Aberation. And that he can never have a match. The reason of this status was because of something his father did that lowered his status to an Abberation.
Where they meet
Cassia finds herself falling for Ky during her summer activity of hiking. On a special hill she gives him the piece of green cloth from her dress. She also kisses Ky on top of the hill. Ky tells her if he wasn't an Aberration she would have been his match. But doing this she has committed an infraction.
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