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Assistive Robots

Project for STEM

Carlie Goodin

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Assistive Robots

1. WHAT TASK DOES YOU ROBOT PREFORM? WHAT HUMAN FUNCTION OR TASK DOES THIS ROBOT SIMULATE? Assistive robots can support older adults,the elderly,such as executing a task that the human can no longer preform. Assistive Robots

By:Carlie Goodin, MIchael McFayden WHERE IS THE ROBOT USED? WHAT IS ITS WORK ENVELOPE? The can be used in hospitals, schools, managed care centers and hopefully homes in the future. It has a lot of flexibility cause in some cases it may be needed to pick up a cherry that feel on the floor. IS THE ROBOTIC AND EFFECTOR MULTI-FUNCTIONAL? IF SO WHTAT OTHER TASK CAN IT PREFORM? Asssistive robots are multi-functional because they can help someone get something but also help speak to them which will help there therapeutic status. HOW IS THE ROBOT TAUGHT TO PREFORM ITS TASK? WHAT SENSORS DOES THE ROBOT HAVE AND HOW DOES THE ROBOT USE THE SENSORS? NAME SOME ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF USING A ROBOT TO COMPLETE THIS TASK. DESCRIBE THE IMPACT THAT THIS ROBOT HAS HAD OR COULD HAVE ON ITS INTENDED AUDIENCE. WHAT TYPE OF JOBS/CAREERS CAN THIS ROBOT CREATE OR PROVIDE EMPLOYMENT FOR PEOPLE? PRDICT AND EXPLAIN HOW THIS ROBOT MAY BE ALTERED TO PREFORM MORE OR DIFFERENT TASKS IN THE FUTURE. Tactile sensors are now used on some of these robots to impersonate the human fingertip. Advantage: Can help mow your grass, pick up thing, and help lift things that are tons of weight that a human couldn't lift on there own.
Disadvantages: They can make people loose there job because a robot can do it more precise unlike humans. The first first home assistive robot(ELE) can pick up things and deliver them to where the person pleases by pointing a laser.
ELE in the future could possible replace service animals. To create a robot of this type you mst have scientist collaborate form neuroscience, social science, kinesiolgy, phychology, and gentology. I think it will be taught to be a undercover agent and go in the military that way people wont die,but that means it is taking jobs. Logical program would be using a menu system or text editor, but a main characteristic of this method is the means by which it is taught the positional data.
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