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Preparing your presentation

English Speaking World: M-hour

Lucy Faulkner

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of Preparing your presentation

Preparing your presentation
2nd year, RML, M-hour
Your topic is an aspect of English Speaking World (ESW) culture.
This can be about an aspect of culture from any country, where English is a main language.

Preparing your presentation;
first pick a topic
could be about anything really, from religion to food, from people to animals, from history to landmarks
Watch this video to get an idea of all the countires in the English Speaking World
An aspect of culture ...
A presentational aid*, for example a prezi or a powerpoint.

All the speaking in your presentation needs to be in English of course.

Your presentation should be no shorter than 5 minutes and no longer than 7.

Contents of your presentation
check out this clip for ideas!
Your presentational aid
Your Prezi or Powerpoint should contain*

An introduction
General information about your topic to help to talk about it. (don't put all your text in there though)
Pictures and/or video (no longer than 30 sec.)
Anything else you can think of!
*to contain = bevatten
*an aid = een hulpmiddel
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