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Comparison between Frankenstein and Bladerunner

Lisa Harunah

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Genre

Genre Frankenstein Bladerunner Gothicism is shown through the main character Frankenstein who is an alienated individual whom has an obsessive personality which is seen as a stereotypical view of a character in this genre Film Noir Many of the film noir aspects are shown all throughout the movie. Many of the scenes in the movie take on the genre of film noir strongly as we mainly see a handfull of shadows, dark alleys, alcohol. cigarette smoke and crime. Through the descriptions shown about the setting and the characteristics of it we as an audience gain a clear image of the typical environment of a traditional gothicism text. An example of this is through the dark and gloomy graveyards where Frankenstein attains the body parts for his monster. Another is through the use of desolate and remote settings such as in the mountains and Arctic Circle. We see a stereotypical example of this in the scene where he is made to returm to police headquarters, where he is then forced into re-joining the blade runner force. It is here that we see the typical hard-bolied detective who will do anything to complete his mission. We also see a dimly lit gloomy interior, shardes of light penetrating through the blinds and again the stereotypical characters of this genre as they are smoking and drinking alcohol Romanticism is shown through the main character but also the text itself. For example urbanisation and industrialisation was considered by Romantics as repressive and so the world of nature was favoured in its place. We see this alot in the book as Frankenstein spent alot of time in nature. Another way Frankenstein can be seen as connected to the human race is in the creation of a creature which suggests she has little faith in the perfectability of the human race (flaws in humanity) The romantics believed that it was individual and collective visual imagination that would create a new understanding of the world and lead to a more perfect version of human beings and the societies in which they lived. Victor is the ultimate dreamer, who is preoccupied by other wordly concerns and unattainable ideals. In this sense he is highly romantic. Science Fiction One way that we see Science Fiction in Bladerunner is that it takes some of the ideas that are already circulating in our society like genetics, technology, environmental problems and places it in a new context. There are many obvious examples of this throughout the whole movie as we see the stereotypical characteristics of this genre such as cloning (which is what nearly the whole movie is based on) and the use of technology, as the whole movie is set in the future.
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