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Who Am I

No description

Ezuyaki Enu

on 8 July 2011

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Transcript of Who Am I

Hey welcome to "Who Am I" made by Theodore Lord Now I know I don't like school but the only subject I like is science because of the experiments we do but Advanced Algebra is very difficult for me even though I'm asian Usually I like to play games and watch tv to relax. Sometimes I go outside to hang out with my friends. But most of the time I just play online. But the most exciting thing I would love to do is explore Japan for a lot of reasons music is one of them My talents are not really good because I don't practice my tricks so I don't have talents :] Well I don't have pets beacause of I live in an apratment and I don't really want a pet anyway(unless it was a dragon) Right now I live in North Park on the good side of the Park at least. It's a good neighborhood except the fact I live next to 10 night clubs. My previous place I used to live in was in college area. Where the most annoying people go to and party all night while other people are sleeping. Well after I graduate college I will probably join the military or be a game designer. Either way I'll find a way to be rich. Well the creator of this whole prezi is me. I'm a wanna be player and have an addiction to it too. But my life is almost like any other asian. Just staying in one chair on the computer checking out my facebook. And here's my family not a very good pic. nut it's the basics. I don't really have any family pics. that I can find in my house. Oh and the thing you kept on seeing in the background is the pic. of Tokyo
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