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King Arthur

No description

Kara Woodland

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of King Arthur

King Arthur: Ruler of Camelot. lancelot: son of King Ban, and supposedly Arthur's best knight, Guenivere's lover, Merlin: The magician who watched a lot of Arthur's childhood Guinevere: Arthur's wife Morgan le Fay: The half-sister of Arthur Lady of the Lake: she gave Arthur excalibur Sir Galahad: He is the most pure and goes to find the holy Grail Sir Gawain: Arthur's nephew, the green knight Sir Modred: Arthur's son King Uther: Arthur's father Important Characters Main Events King Arthur drives the Saxons from the realm King Arthur is born Arthur gets Excalibur Arthur saves Merlin King Arthur conquers Ireland and Norway The Knights meet the Lady of the Lake King Arthur pulls the sword from the stone camolot in the 6th centrie King Arthur marries Guinevere The founding of the round table Merlin saves Arthur Morgan tries to kill Arthur with a magic garment King Arthur gets crowned in Rome Marriage of Sir Gareth and the lady Lyones Merlin is bewitched by a damsel The Sangreal The Queen and Lancelot The queen was going be be burn but lancelot saves her Sir Bedivere and the King's Sword The death of King Arthur Lady of the lake round table 10 Main events lancelot Morgan le Fay By: Kara Woodland and his Knights uther Excalibur legend:
A nonhistorical story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical. Early life
Uther and his wife had an affair and Uther had a baby with Igraine, Arthur. Uther had to go fight the Saxons so Uther gave Arthur to Merlin. He sent him to the contryside to grow up with his foster brother Kay. 1 2 When King Uther died no one knew he had a son. The people wondered who would be the next king. The people then found a huge rock and sticking out of it was a sword. There was a message on the sword that said whoever pulls the sword from the stone will be the next king. Everyone tried to pull it out, but no one is able to. Arthur pulls it out and the people are amazed. 3 Merlin took Arthur to a lake where The Lady of the Lake lived under the water. She gave Arthur a magic sword called "Excalibur." Arthur is finally king of Camelot.
a little later he married Guinevere. She was the daughter of King Leodegrance As a present, he gave them a round table. 4 5 6 All the knights in Camelot wanted to be soldiers for King Arthur. The best were allowed to sit at the round table. They were called "Knights of the Round Table." The positions of all the seats were equal, so no one sat at the head. 7 8 9 10 Merlin falls in love with Vivien, a sorceress. Vivien was raised by the Lady of the Lake. Merlin said he would never use enchantment against Vivien, so she trapped him in a magical cave and he could not use his powers to get out. Lancelot and Guinevere were in love. One day Mordred saw them together and he told king Arthur. The King was so mad he wanted to burn Guinevere. Lancelot comes and saves her and brings her to Brittany. King Arthur goes there to find them. King Arthur left Mordred in charge while he was in Brittany. Mordred told everyone that King Arthur had been killed and Modred was crowned king. Arthur heard this and came back and a war started. Arthur did not have Excalibur because Morgan le Fay had it. King Arthur killed Mordred but Mordred left King Arthur badly wounded. Arthur knew he was dieing, so he gave Excalibur to Sir Bedivere. He told him to return it to the lake. Bedivere did not do what he was told but instead hid Excalibur. Arthur knew he didnt return it so he told him again. The second time he did return it to the lake and three queens came in a boat and took king Arthur away. When they are in Europe, all knights ride around searching for the Holy Grail. When they found it only a few were there to see the Grail. Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, Sir Bors and Sir Galahad were the lucky ones that got to see it. Once they had the grail they took it back to Arthur so he would be healed
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