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Queen Rania

No description

sara Qureshi

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Queen Rania

Rania Al-Abdullah Humanitarian
Initives and Achievenments Growing up Marrige and
Crowning By: Sara Qureshi Conclusion She married future king Adullah in 1993 zoom in, and add details to these Frames Queen Of Jordan Effective Speaker Personal Ethics Self-Motivated Affective Listener Shows iniative "When you educate a women
you educate a family, when you
educate a girl, you educate the future."-Queen Rania Queen Rania was born in Kuwait city on
August 31 1970 Her majesty attended American
University in Cairo Her Family fled Kuwait for Jordan She had a bachlors in computer
science and Business Her majesty was crowned Queen in
june 1999 Queen Rania now has 4 children,
Crown Prince Hussain, Princess Iman,
Princess Salma and Prince Hashem. "A gem added to the hashimite kingdom." Her Majesty is very concerened about the places her husband doesn't have time for such as humanitarian aid. So as the Queen of Jordan she takes care of this area herself and opened and supports numerous charity funds. One of the foundations Queen Rania opened was the Jordan
River Foundation (JFK) to help young entreprenuers. She loves speaking to Jardains about
what they want to see as Jordans future. Her Majesty recieved
many awards such as: World award-Women for Women International Life Achievment Award-Italian Government 1st Women for Women ambassador Place on UN board of directors 53rd most powerful women-Forbes magazine Child abuse preventions prize-Womens world summit A Part of 15 International groups 2010 glamour magazines women of the year and A Project to improve 500 schools in Jordan She wrote 3 books; 2 of which are
new york bestsellers Her Majesty recieved
many awards such as: QISDL Qualities Effective Speaker Queen Rania enjoys public speaking very much She speaks at forums and charity events. Is the women for women global ambassador. Speaks in schools in Jordan about education. Talks to everyone no matter what
age, gender or race Effective Listener Goes to hospitals and schools to listen to all Jordanians Ideas Listens to those who aren't heard;women and children. Seeks to understand then to be understood. self Motivated Believes "The best way to empore women is to be and empowered women." Shakes off the criticism for working along side the King Takes it as her duty to help Jordanians. Personal Ethics Shows Initiative Visits schools,hospitals and nieghbourhoods Stays involved with whats in the news Incourages other Arab women to take part. Tries to make sure every Jordanian is
educated, especially girls and women
Her Majesty, holds herself like the queen she is - what more could you want?"- Gorgio Armani Carries herself like a Queen but isnèt afraid to help out. Humble and honored to be Queen. I just wake up and feel like a regular person," Queen Rania writes on her site. "At the end of the day you are living your life for the people that you represent. It's an honour and a privilege to have that chance to make a difference - a qualitative difference in people's lives - and it's my responsibility to make the most out of that opportunity." Very grounded and loves to do normal things like BBQing. She was photographed at fashion shows and high-society social events, usually mingling with a beautiful coterie of the global elite. Through it all, however, Queen Rania remained remarkably grounded, using her position to advocate on behalf of a variety of causes she believed to be important.-biography.com Determined to make other women speak out. As you educate a woman, you educate the family. If you educate the girls, you educate the future.
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