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Soundtrack for "The Outsiders"

No description

Alina Pecci

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Soundtrack for "The Outsiders"

Soundtrack for
"The Outsiders"

Song 3
I think the song
by Owl City would sound really good after Johnny and Ponyboy are jumped by the Socs at the fountain. The song is about the desire to escape back to your childhood innocence. After Johnny killed Bob because the socs were drowning Ponyboy, he was really scared because of what he did. In part of the song it says "Because my dreams are bursting at the seams" which I think relates to Johnny at this point in the the book because he's scared at the fact that he killed someone, and he probably felt like his world was coming down around him. Then the song says "'Cause everything is never as it seems". This part of the song goes really well with this section of the book because you would never expect Johnny to be the type of person to kill someone even if he really needed to.
Song 4
Song 2
I believe that the song
by Christina Perri fits the part of the book when Darry is mad at Ponyboy for staying out to late at the drive-in theater with some of the other Greasers. They get into a big fight, and Darry gets out of control and slaps Ponyboy. Ponyboy explains in the book that him and Darry are almost always in fights, but he had never slapped him before. This song is about how people aren't bulletproof, and that what you say and do can really hurt someone. In the song, it says "I can fake a smile, I can force a laugh... if that's what you ask". This section of the song relates to Ponyboy because he might pretend that he's happy even though him and Darry don't get along, but that's not really what he wants. Then the song says "I'm only human, And I crash and I break down". This is like the part of the book when Ponyboy decides that he's had enough and that he can't take it anymore, so he's going to run away.
Song 1
My first song for
The Outsiders
soundtrack is
Beat It
by Micheal Jackson. I think this is the perfect song for when Ponyboy gets jumped by a group of Socs on his way home from the movies. The song is about how young men back when this song was written, felt like they had to prove that they were better than another person by standing and fighting, rather than doing the smart thing to do, which is to run away.
Beat It
fits this major event in the story because in part of the lyrics, it says "You wanna be tough, better do what you can" which relates to Ponyboy when he was trying to yell for help and be let go. But, when the other Greasers show up to rescue Ponyboy, the Socs leave when they see the other Greasers coming because they knew they were outnumbered like when the song says "They're out to get you, better leave while you can".
By: Alina Pecci
Song 5
Song 6
Song 7
Song 8
The song
If I Die Young
by The Band Perry fits really well for the part of the story when Johnny dies. The song is about how if your life ends at this very moment, would you be happy with the things you did? In the lyrics it says "Oh and life ain't always what you think it ought to be" which is probably what Johnny was thinking. He probably never thought he would kill a guy, run from the police, and then put his life on the line to save kids from a burning church. Then the song says "The sharp knife of a short life. Well I've had just enough time". I think that Johnny had just enough time in his life to turn things around and show everyone who he really was, a hero.
The song
by Van Halen would be a great song to play when Dally's killed. The song has a very different meaning then most people think. It's about a man who is about to commit suicide and jump to his death because things are getting tough. In the song, it says "You've got it tough, I've seen the toughest around". This relates to how Dally thinks he has it tough because the person he really cared about just died. Then the song says "You've got to roll with the punches to get to what's real". This means that if you can handle really tough times, you are much better off. Unfortunately, Dally wasn't able to make it through the tough situation(Johnny's death). Dally was so upset about his kid-brother's death that he got himself into trouble with the police and he pulled out his gun (that's never loaded) and pointed it at them so that they would shoot him(which they did).
I think the song
Eye of the Tiger
by Surviver would sound good for the part of the story when Ponyboy and Johnny save the little kids from the burning church. The song means to not give up on your dreams even if you they're impossible. It also means that once you set your mind on something and don't give up, you can do it. In part of the song it says "Risin' up to the challenge of our rival". The rival in this part of the book would represent the fire in church, which Ponyboy and Johnny were determined to defeat. Then the song says "Face to face, out in the heat, hangin' tough, stayin' hungry". This is like when Ponyboy and Johnny could have given up and just left the church with the kids still in it, but instead they took the challenge and stayed strong.
The song
We're Not Gonna Take it
by Twisted Sister would work well for the part of the story when the greasers leave for the rumble. The song is about how they've had enough and that they're going to rebel. The song says "We're not gonna take it anymore" which shows the Greasers mood in this part of the story. They've had enough of the Socs thinking they're better than they are and they're tired of the Socs beating up on them. That's why the greasers are really excited to go to the rumble, they want to show the socs what they're made of. Then in the first verse of the song it says "There ain't no way we'll lose it". This would describe how determined the Greasers were to win the rumble.
For my last song on the soundtrack I chose the song
Best Day of my Life
by American Authors for the part of the story when Ponyboy finds out that he can stay with Darry. The song is basically about being happy and having a really good day. In the first part of the song, it says "Woah, never gonna give it up" which describes how Ponyboy is determined to persuade the court into letting him stay with his brothers. The song also says "I had a dream so big and loud, I jumped so high I touched the clouds". This relates to how happy Ponyboy is when the court approves that he can continue living with his brothers.
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