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Emerson's "Nature"

No description

Sheri Kauffman

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Emerson's "Nature"

Emerson's "Nature"
Finish Emerson's Aphorisms Graphic Organizer
Quick Write
Is it important to you to connect with the natural world? Are you someone who prefers the city to the forest or the forest to the city? How does being in nature make you feel?
Read and Discuss:
Emerson's "Nature"
As we read, think about how this essay addresses Emerson's injunction to "trust thyself."
Small-Group Discussion
How does this essay address Emerson's injunction to "trust thyself?"

Be prepared to share:
An insightful response answering the question
Textual evidence from the essay to support your group's claims (at least two quotes!)
Take notes of the main points of your group discussion: these will be collected
Critical Interpretations
On-Demand Writing Prompt
Writer Henry James argued that Emerson had no concept of the evil that exists in teh world. In James's words, it was "a side of life as to which Emerson's eyes were thickly bandaged...He had no great sense of wrong...no sense of the dark, the foul, the base." In your opinion, is this a valid criticism of Emerson? Citing evidence, explain why or why not.
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