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Secret of the Sinister Six

No description

Jet Trowbridge

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Secret of the Sinister Six

Reading "The Secret of the Sinister Six: By Adam Troy Castro" What's in it for you? By: Jet Trowbridge
The picture of the cover below describes all of it. Spider-man is outnumbered by the Sinister Six. He has no place to hide, and no one to ask for help. The villains are controlled by an old man that has a bright mind and a wide range of tactics. He goes by the name, Gentleman, he could potentially rule the world just by tweaking the perception of wealth. How could one man with incredible spider like powers, stop six villains that overpower him individually? It is often, that a human screams bloody murder and squishes the life of a spider, and right now, the Sinister Six, might do just that.
This is Pity. She might be Spider-man's long forgotten sister. She has been permanently silenced by the Gentleman and brainwashed by him too. She has no feelings for her possible blood brother. She possesses the power of a unrealistic darkness, yes she can dim light itself to pitch black. The dark produced is so pitch, the strongest night vision goggles won't allow a human to even see parts of what lies inside the dark. Then you ask yourself, Is it possible for anyone to stop this woman who has the power to control all light itself? Your answer should be....no.
This is the Gentleman. Gustav Fiers.
He is one of the richest men alive. He plans on altering the reality of wealth, He conceives wealth as an idea that was made up by the dull minded humans and he wants it all to himself. He plans to rename wealth, with his name all over it, and the only way to get what he wants, is to get rid of the man who gets in his way.
What's in it for the reader? This book has fast action and slight comedy. In this book the reader can feel like they are right along with the action. Seeing everything that the characters' do, it really adds to the emotions the characters have. I myself was intrigued by the high quality details and big twists and unexpected discoveries throughout the story. The author has written this book so it is outrageously detailed. This is the best trilogy I have read. The Secret of the Sinister Six is an easy read and super hero fans will love it!

The Secret of the Sinister Six is a great book. It has suspense, mystery, action, and a terrifying truth. It will send a sense of fear to the reader every time you turn the page, and it will build suspense every word you read. You can sit by Spider-man and see how having his lifestyle is a pain, how everyday people depend on you for the sake of their lives. This book really does put you behind the mask and in his shoes. He is faced with his biggest challenge yet, to be dead or not to be dead.This novel by Adam-Troy Castro is a very marvelous book!

Dr. Octopus



Gustav Fiers


These are the Sinister Six, however, Gustav Fiers is the leader of the Sinister Six, and the rest of them do the sinister killing.
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This book is a sequel to a unfortunate Spider-man story full of terrorism and deadly schemes that are planned by Spider-man's most hateful foes. In this book he faces both physical and mental challenges that he must overcome to live. His most sinister foes are guaranteed five million dollars individually, if they succeed killing one of New York's friendliest heroes. The Sinister Six grab hold of an electric generator that can wipe out all electric devices, which will send the price of jewels, diamonds, and gold, skyrocketing through the roof. Meanwhile the Gentleman who is the leader of the Sinister Six, and a millionaire already is buying gold and precious jewels so he can be, the all time, wealthiest man in the world.
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