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Copy of Interactive Science Notebooks

Increasing learning with Interactive Student Notebooks.

Annette Brotton

on 4 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Interactive Science Notebooks

Mrs. Brotton
SDMS/ Silver Team
Interactive Science Notebooks
(A.K.A. the ISN)

“When done well, notebooks can play a powerful role in science investigation” Karen Worth
Why ISNs?
Many students tend to be unorganized and oftentimes lose their assignments.
The goal of this research is to provide a tool that teachers can use to help students learn good organizational and study skills.
The significance of this study is to enable students to have ownership of their learning.
Teachers should experience many benefits when using ISNs.
Promotes parent-student communication.
ISNs, or Interactive Science Notebooks, can be very beneficial to the student and the teacher. Not only is the ISN an organizational tool, it is also a way for students to individualize their learning experience. When used on a daily basis, ISNs enhance the learning environment and provide a portfolio of the student's work.

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Student ISN Samples
I was absent last week, did I miss anything?
Real Scientist Use Notebooks
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