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Gabriel Iglesias


Brant Miller

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Gabriel Iglesias

Timeline Gabriel Iglesias His father a touring mariachi and was not there during his birth and then deserted him and his mom at age four. Gabriel worked for a cellphone company in Los Angeles. How boring! Before Comedy His Career Began Gabriel became famous for his hilarious stories, incorporating his culture into his comedy, and describing himself as Fluffy, not fat. PROSPERITY Born in San Diego, California on July 15, 1976 They say Gabriel looked exactly the same throughout his life and even looked mature as a baby. Interesting Fact: Gabriel's legal last name is Iglecias with a "c" instead of an "s" because his mother wanted to not give him his fathers name. However Gabriel still goes by Iglesias today. In 1997, He finally realized he wanted to be a comedian so he went for it. However, following your dreams can sometimes be tough. At first, Gabriel did many acts in small clubs or bars were he built his career. Whats really cool is that he often attributes his success to his hispanic heritage because of all the stories it comes with. His first appearances on TV included:
Being a co-star on All That, a Nickelodeon sketch comedy in 2000.
Starring in his first comedy central special in 2003
Voicing a whole hispanic family in an episode of Family Guy in 2007. Gabriel has been so successful, he was personally been invited to perform for a prince in the middle east in 2012. Gabriel has also hosted and co-hosted on many Youtube shows that we all know today such as Epic Meal Time and Equals Three by Ray William Johnson A drippin' that chocolate saaaaaauuuuuuuce. On February, 10 of 2012, Gabriel was awarded with many awards in the city of El Paso, Texas as well as the key to the city for recognizing the work he did with the charity, Operation Hope He gives back too. Of course he has a new house and car to replace the ones he lost at the being of his career. He also bases his life on supporting his family and friends by giving back. In 1994, Gabriel finished high school. However he didn't like it because of the teasing he received. So he didn't go to college and instead went to work to support his mom.
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