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Wound Vac Patient Education

No description

Marlea Teylan

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Wound Vac Patient Education

Wound Vac Patient Education
What is V.A.C Therapy?
A medical device system that promotes wound healing by delivering negative pressure (a vacuum).
How does it help you?
- wound healing
- draw wound edges together
-remove fluid and infectious materials
-promotes granulation tissue formation
- provide moist wound healing environment and perfusion
V.A.C. Dressing Placement
Sign and Symptoms of Ineffective VAC Therapy
Active bleeding
Minimal changes in wound size
Deterioration of the wound
Changes in wound color
Wound odor
Fever over 102
Diarrhea, headache, sore throat, confusion
Rash or skin itches
Signs of infection (pus, red, swollen, warm)
Signs of allergies (swelling, hives, itching)
How to contact us
Wound Healler M.D
# 123-456-7890 ext 123

Ima Nursee RN
#123-456-7890 ext 456

VAC Therapy Operation

KCI Patient Booklet Online: http://www.kci-medical.com/cs/Satellite?blobcol=urldata&blobheader=application%2Fpdf&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere=1226643189294&ssbinary=true
We are here for you

KSI Licensing. (2009). V.A.C. Therapy Patient guide. Retrieved from http://www.kci1.com
Check Frequently:
System is "ON"
Does it say "Therapy ON"
Is the dressing collapsing down?
Suction says "125 mmHg" (or the number prescribed for suctioning)
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will you be receiving the VAC Therapy?

Depends on the type and severity of the wound. The medical professional is responsible for the VAC Treatment.
How many hours a day must I keep the system on?

24-hours a day. It is recommended for continuous use to prevent further infection and wound breakdown.
How does the VAC Therapy feel?

Patients reported a
mild pulling sensation
that becomes unnoticeable by 15 minutes. As the wound heals, it may feel
tender or itchy
. This is a good sign but if discomfort persist, contact us.
How will the dressing look or feel when the system is on?

The dressing will shrink to the wound and should feel like dried raisins.
What activity am I allowed while on the VAC Therapy?

Since you (TN) has a right leg wound VAC, it would depend on his healing and comfort. VAC Therapy goal is to keep patients mobile as possible as it promotes faster healing.
What happens if the system alarms?

Do not panic. The reasons why the system may alarm are due to the canister being full, a leak, battery is low/dead, and if therapy is not activated.
Use VAC Therapy 24-hours a day
Do not disconnect VAC Therapy for more than 2 hours a day
The drape is waterproof and you may shower with the dressing in place if: disconnected for the unit, tubing is clamped, and not to soak the dressing
The unit is not waterproof. It is an electrical system
Make sure the THERAPY ON/OFF button is ON
Remember that support and encouragement can heal wounds faster
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