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South Korean Humor

No description

Kayleen Burdick

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of South Korean Humor

Korean Humor Kayleen Burdick Genres of Humor Use of wordplay
Political satire
Emotional Used in variety shows Saturday Night Live Korea Simon and Martina Differences in Western and Korean Humor Gender Roles Political satire Similar to American format Satire Witty Risk-taking with sensitive topics YouTube Lived in Canada Moved to South Korea Use of sarcasm Over exaggeration of the body Polite endings Increase in female comedians on late night shows Gag Concert Overcoming gender barrier Jokes Conclusion Genres Politeness and use of sarcasm Women Works Cited Chung, Suzy. “Top 10 Korean Variety Shows.” blog.korea.net 1 Aug. 2011. The Korean Blog,
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Popular Culture (1953-1970).” proquest.umi.com. Jun. 2011. ProQuest, 2013.
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