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6 Simple Steps to Effective Collaboration

"Integrating" a team requires a few simple moves that add up to amazing things. Here's how!

Oscia Timschell

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of 6 Simple Steps to Effective Collaboration

What does this guy know about design? This is my turf. This better be worth all the extra up-front costs. I can't believe my boss is making me do this. Hmm. I never thought about phased bidding as anything but a pain in my rear before. But now that it can save me $$... 1. Stick the builders in the room with owner and designers at the beginning of design. Yes, the beginning! No more change orders for E&O's! I guess I better help make sure the documents are complete before we start construction. Ha! No more change orders. 2. Tie the builders' profits to the designers' profits so they sink or swim together Oh. I guess I better double check the cost of design decisions, now that I'm penalized if the project goes over budget. 3. Tie the team's profits to the project's success, so they suffer if the project suffers and they succeed if the project succeeds Wow. He's not going to spend the whole project stabbing me in the back over every error in the drawings. Hmm. Maybe I'll get through this project without a new ulcer. No more delay claims! I'm definitely going to push for some prefabrication. 4. Waive claims related to errors & omissions and delays Oh. He's NOT inflating the prices. I guess my fears about giving up low bidding were a little overblown. She doesn't make nearly as much profit as I thought. 5. Make everything open-book so the team can trust each other I can't believe what a horrible bowler you are! Who knew you architects actually DID real stuff?! You are HILARIOUS! BTW, thanks for showing me that flashing thing. I've been detailing it wrong for years and never knew! 6. Add alcohol. Or foosball. Or pie-eating contest. Or all of the above. In other words, bond! Cool. Now I know for sure the team feels my pain if the project goes overbudget. Man, maybe it is a good thing to allow time to finish before before we break ground...It's cheaper to make mistakes on paper. For simplicity, I use "builders" to mean the collective group of people working for the general contractor and major subcontractors. And I use "designers" to mean the collective group of people working for the architecture firm and its various consultants. These six steps are self-reinforcing ingredients to a larger picture. That means you can't cherry-pick one or two and expect them to work without the other parts to reinforce them. Now go out and build amazing things! 6 EASY SIMPLE STEPS TO EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION *BTW, claims related to true negligence can never be waived. Licensed professionals will always be liable for performing within the standard of care.

You waive claims related to normal, everyday errors & omissions and delays.
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