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Welcome to Rambo Wrapping

No description

Lewis Harvey

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Rambo Wrapping

Rambo Wrapping
What is Rambo Wrapping?
Rambo Wrapping is the No.1 car wrapping service in the UK. We wrap cars for reasonable prices. We have a fully qualified team and we hire the best and nothing but the best. We wrap any car, new or old in colours black to purple chrome. Our staff treat the cars and the customers well. If your car gets damaged during the wrapping we will give you a full refund.
Contact us
Northumberland Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

0800 6720 694


Mission statement
When you come to our shop you will never leave
unsatisfied. We will use the best wrapping equipment and deliver the best service. Our staff are fully trained and will treat with respect.
My Logo
Henry: I like this logo because it is simple, effective and the gold makes it stand out. I don't like this logo because of the colours, nice job.
No.1 Car Wrapping In The UK
This is the Wrap Bullys logo. It is really effective and looks really good, they have used the logo and text effectively.
This design is simple
but effective. It is smooth
and works well.
This is my favourite design, it is really
detailed and looks great. They have used the car design well.
Auto Wraps logo isn't that great. It doesn't go that well.
Aims & Objectives
Our Aim is to become a well-known international car wrapping company
by 2018. We always want to put our customers satisfaction before
anything else.
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