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The Creative Economy

No description

Saniya Haroon

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of The Creative Economy

The Creative Economy
Theme: Promoting the creativity of the individual
Creation of a new industry:
Industry Evidence
Industry Evidence
Creativity conveyed through TV-shows
Project runway
Face off
Organizational values and practices
Companies build reputation as employers
Google App Developer competitions
Organizational value and practice
2 possible effects
Stress and overwhelming factor for employee
Example: Jueny Ham from Airbnb
Talented people leaving the company to pursue their own ventures
Example: Starbucks and Howard Schultz
Going Forward
Continuation of shift in lifestyle
More entrepreneurial friendly environment.
Changes in the education system
Changes in the organizational practices
Understanding the Trend
Better standards of living
Development of IT and technology.
Understanding the Trend
Evidence to be found in different industries
Creation of new industries
Effect on existing industries
Crowd funding
Example: Kickstarter
Example: Återbruka mera
Evidence from existing industry
Industry Evidence
Changes in the job market
Future for the "digital-y native" generation
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