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Crowdfunding, Spacehive, and you

What Spacehive's civic crowdfunding service brings

Chris Gourlay

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Crowdfunding, Spacehive, and you

Why use it? Our secret formula technology which makes transforming your high street as easy as buying a book online... To make neighbourhood planning accessible, transparent, and fun.
Empower communities.
Unlock investment and creativity. Our mission Economy needs it
Localism demands it
Technology fuels it A timely innovation:
£1.2bn raised via crowdfunding platforms worldwide in 2011.
UK Crowdfunding will be worth £14bn by 2016 (Nesta). Crowdfunding can raise big money: in Glyncoch, South Wales... ... we crowdfunded this... with a little help from... and this lot! “Once Spacehive got involved, it was a brilliant effort. It gee'd the community up and increased participation when people
saw money coming in.
Everyone was chasing that target and the atmosphere on the estate transformed when people realised it was going to happen. Now the building's going up and there's a huge buzz.” Doug
Mayor of Glyncoch Fully-customisable pages for partners info@spacehive.com
Twitter: @spacehive
Facebook.com/spacehive ...whilst contractually protecting everyone involved. ...a fun experience which binds communities together First crowdfunding platform for civic projects.
Blends cash from people, businesses, councils, grants to fund improvements.
Taps wealth of creativity and capital out there.
Makes planning faster, people-powered, fun. Civic crowdfunding is a UK innovation:
a Lottery-backed idea that's being quickly adopted in cities around the world. We're working with all the right people:

community organisations (like Locality)
corporates (Tesco, Deloitte, Experian)
planners & architects (RIBA, BPF, Councils)
government (CLG, Portas, No 10) Launched first civic crowdfunder.
Built £760k community centre.
Funded town's WiFi network.
Created kids playgrounds.
Launched match-funding scheme.
500 projects this year. scale We give you access to millions of users through partners like Mumsnet the things we do and way we do them generate top-notch coverage. like this BBC report... We make things happen: Bespoke platform for civic improvements
User-friendly project management tools
Contractual framework
Verification – to reduce risk in the built environment
Goodies! We're designed
for civic stuff we have great advisers CEO, British Property Federation Founder of JustGiving Former President of RIBA Created Camden Market Private secretarty to Prince Charles CEO of Chime Group Bespoke project management tools A platform that's clear, accessible, advert-free A simple model that boosts your impact So in summary: World's first civic crowdfunder - a Lottery-backed innovation.
Empowers communities.
Boosts financial and social impact.
Verification to reduce risk.
15m users project ideas grant funding crowd funding more projects funded ...and a flexible API that allows you to embed Spacehive projects on your own website or app. The ability to volunteer ...as well as pledge What is crowdfunding? Why crowdfund? To buy cool stuff (reward)
To get a return (lending)
To invest (equity)
To make good things happen (donation) financial version of Wikipedia
spontaneous, viral
springboard for innovation
powerful marketing tool Where's it from? America. Kickstarter. Creative projects. Where's it going? Crowdfunding raised £900m in 2011
£2 billion in 2013 (Deloitte)
£14bn in 2016 (Nesta) Where Spacehive fits in UK crowdfunders an idea inspired by our past lots happening in 2013 the pebble $10,266,845 dollars raised from 68,929 backers
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