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Jaime Nealge

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of China

China Religion •How does religion, values, and beliefs shape life for China's many people? Three similarities to China's religion
and the United States are,
•We both believe in one ruler.
•Both believe in heaven.
•Go to church. Three differences to China's religion
and the United States religion are,
•Chinese believe in Meditation, we just pray.
•Chinses go by the Tripitaka, we call that the Bible.
•Most Christians dont believe in Reincarnation, but the Chinses do. Food •What does a traditional Chinese meal look like? Three similarities to China's meals and the Untied State's meals are,
•Both eat meat.
•Rice is very popular.
•Seasoning is very popular to the fish. Three differences to China's meals and the United State's meals are,
•We dont use lots of ingredients.
•Mostly cooked on the stove so its normally greasy.
•We keep the bone in our meats. Traditions Why does China have a rich artistic tradtion? http://www.lifeofguangzhou.com/node_10/node_35/node_129/node_405/2007/04/12/117636838117890.shtml wikapiedia.com Three similarities to China's traditions and the United States are,
•Chinese people love excitment.
•They have a new year.
•Enjoy folk festivals. Three differences to China's traditions and the United States traditions are,
•China is an an ancient country and civilization.
•Bamboo is one of four favorite plants seen in China.
•China's emperors call their beds, dragon beds, they believed they were true dragons.
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