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Pope Francis, declarations and believes

No description

Himmler Marthinez

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Pope Francis, declarations and believes

Who am I to judge?
How important are Pope Francis’ declarations as a sign that the church is changing and becoming more tolerable and updating to the new millennium?
If the church changes its politics it would generate less homophobia and misogynist behavior.

To demonstrate what would it take for the church to be more honest and welcoming and therefore to accomplish the mission given by Jesus
To seek what is necessary to have acceptance of homosexuals and homoparental families within the church life and community?
To demonstrate the real role of women inside the church and to embrace what mission is given to them, investigate the possibility of having women as priest?


A) To change of church’s politics.

B) To generate less homophobia and misogynist behavior.
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