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Pornland By Gail Dines

A presentation on a book researching "How Porn has hijacked our sexuality"

Elizabeth Childers

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Pornland By Gail Dines

Image of women The most "hardcore" type of porn, where the sex is body punishing, and the women are demeaned and debased

Max Hardcore is the leader of this. The acceptance of his work into the world of porn as appropriate is proof of the desensitization of viewers.

The need for harder and harder porn to keep aroused affects male viewers ability to have a healthy sex life. Brought to you by: Pornland: How porn has hijacked our sexuality
By Gail Dines, Published 2010 by the Beacon
Press, First Edition

Reviews and Biographical information brought
to you by www.gaildines.com Pornland Results The Porn The Book How porn has hijacked our sexuality By Gail Dines Described as an anti-porn activist, lecturer, author, scholar and social critic. Born and raised in England, received her PhD from the University of Salford. She has been researching and writing about the porn industry and pop culture for over 20 years Her article topics include the female image in Hollywood, racism in porn, the hypersexualization of our culture and how images shape sexuality and relationships. Dines is a major activist, starting the Woman to Woman feminist movement from her home when she was 22, and the Stop Porn Culture activist group in 2007. Pornland has been praised by critics for it's in depth research and it's shocking detail.

Nathan Harden from The American Spectator states, "I physically gagged more than once while reading her descriptions." Amanda Mitchel from the Sacramento Book Review says, "Dines has written a treatise that is equally powerful and disturbing. She asks tough questions and makes uncomfortable observations, but the results ought to be game-changing: a world in which we have healthy attitudes about the feminine, the masculine, about sex and about ourselves. A world far-removed from Pornland." Don Aucoin from The Boston Globe wrote, "Her critics will not be pleased to learn that Dines is escalating her campaign [with Pornland]. In particular, she is sounding the alarm about the ubiquity of "gonzo porn, an extreme form of pornography that specializes in the degradation of women that is available 24/7 on the internet." “An eyes-wide-open-look at the way the porn industry exploits and damages the gift of our sexuality to fuel itself. Pornland is well-researched, well-written, and heartfelt. I highly recommend it.”
—Wendy Maltz, L.C.S.W., D.S.T., coauthor of The Porn Trap: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems Caused by Pornography Dines uses extensive research,
interviews and personal experiences to write her book. The first chapter sets the stage for the porn culture is research and history on Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. She identifies early misogyny and describes the female body as a "battleground" for these porn tyrants. Porn has increasingly been ingratiated into mainstream media, such as television programs and talk shows. Girls Gone Wild, a porn where the cameraman is often preying on young adolescent girls, is even advertised on television.

Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry, and runs like one. They have contracts with Comcast and Time Warner, and is a major source of revenue for Hotels.

Female porn stars are degraded, humiliated, and bodies are pushed beyond their limits by (often) three or more men. The idea that these women are "enjoying" or "aroused" by this treatment is a farse. Jenna Jameson, an example of porn stars who've successfully crossed over to mainstream, occasionally gives a glimpse into the physical brutality these women suffer. Gonzo Porn Desensitization Questions? Research on women's porn and female users?

Gay Porn?
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