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Getting your bearings in a resource rich environment

ELL and math resources- this is yours to use for PL!

Turtle Gunn Toms

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Getting your bearings in a resource rich environment


GADOE resources
Universal Design for Learning
How do I know what's good?
How do I know what works?
How do I know if it is mathematically correct?
Oh, so many
Getting your bearings
Finding your way in a resource rich environment
Expeditionary Learning
Here you go:

Wiki world
High School
Sequencing Options
Mathematics Graduation Requirements
All Students
Alternative Course Sequence Resources
Possible Sequence Options For Struggling Learners
Planning on attending a USG institution:

Coordinate Algebra
Analytic Geometry
Advanced Algebra A (1/2 credit)
Advanced Algebra B (1/2 credit) and AMDM

Coordinate Algebra
Analytic Geometry
Advanced Algebra A (1/2 credit)
Advanced Algebra B (1/2 credit) and Statistical Reasoning
Planning on entering the work force or military directly after high school:

Coordinate Algebra
Analytic Geometry
Advanced Algebra A (1/2 credit)
Advanced Algebra B (1/2 credit) and Mathematics of Finance
Let's start at the very beginning...
Mathematics Graduation Guidance Document
1968 Bilingual Education Act
When you don't know, what do you do?
Illustrative Mathematics
CCSS Flipbooks
SEDL Math Video Series
Help for students and parents
Georgia Virtual Learning Shared Resources
Planet Nutshell
Council of the Great City Schools
National PTA
Further Exploration
How to make math accessible and inclusive
Rethink math class.
Rethink math problems.
Rethink School.
Rethink math warmup/bell ringer.
That wasn't enough for you?
(use Chrome)
Brooke Kline (the guy)
Turtle Toms (the reptile)
It's all about low barriers to entry and high scalability...
Standards for Mathematical Practice in Multiple Languages
He can't say ten frame, but he uses them.
2nd grader using an early additive part-whole strategy. He's ahead of where he should be. The model (ten frame) allows for the math to be made explicit.
Is it possible for students, especially English-language learners, to come to school for an entire day, or perhaps a whole week, and never utter a word in class?
First, teachers are going to have to do a lot less talking. And, secondly, students, regardless of how well they know English, will need to do a lot more of it.
Understanding Language:
Maria Santos, Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Oakland, CA
2 x 3

2 groups of 3

2 of 3

3 x 2

1/2 of 3

1/2 of a group of 3 (or 1/2 of 3)

1/2 x 3

3 x 1/2

1/2 x 3 x 2

1/4 x 5 x 4

Interesting articles for teacher discussion groups:
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