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My Hero: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. <3

Sasha Shehryar

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of My Hero: Martin Luther King Jr.

My hero! Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr.A man
who would change the world's
perspective forever. A man who
was brave, intelligent, kind,
determined and very loving to
all. He always spoke his mind,
he had a dream to make everyone equal
as he thought that no one was higher or
lower than another. He made his voice heard throughout America and the entire world! Martin was born on January 15 1929, and died
on April 4, 1968 at only age 31, he was assassinated. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia USA
with his dad, Martin Luther King Sr. and his Mom Alberta Williams King. Also, with his older sister, Willie Christine King and younger brother, Alfred Daniels Williams King. Martin Luther King Jr. loved his famliy very much. Martin Luther King Jr. was very intelligent! He skipped ninth and twelfth grade and went
to collage at age 15 without formally graduating high school! Plus, he sang in his church choir. Martin was influenced by many people such as: Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Kaamchand Gandhi, Benjamin Mays, Hosea Williams, Baynard Rustin, Henry David Thoreau, Howard Thurman and Leo Tolstoy. Yet now most people are influenced my him! Although, Martin still had many obstacles in his way. One big problem was the racism in the American society.When Martin was growing up much of America was still segregated and opportunities for black people were very limited. Another problem was that he had difficulty convincing his followers to commit to the coarse of patience and non violence.Some of his followers were very fustrated with this so he had to pursuade to them that patience and non violence would get the best results and bring positive social change. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.!!!! MY HER Martin is a hero in my opinion because he was a person who would speak up for what he believed in and always had good intentions to make the world a better place.I value him as a hero as a hero because now-a-days people think just because you are a muslim you are a terrorist and you get treated differently, and Martin wanted people not to be judged by their race but by their personality and thats what i wish for to! In my opinion I think us as people should follow in Martin Luther King Jr.'s steps and help make this world a better place for all.
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