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the dot

No description

Taylor Smith

on 26 November 2016

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Transcript of the dot

The type of art in this book is abstract, everything was drawn in a very cartoonish way.

What type of art is this?
Art Form and
Forming Process
A young girl named Vashti is insecure about what she creates in art until her teacher inspires her and she begins to create many of her own drawings, paintings of dots! She learns that if you stick to what you want to pursue you learn to not only be good in what you do but you learn to love and enjoy it. In the end, she inspires a young boy to do the same.
Summary of the dot...
The author uses watercolor and pencils. The Author made you focus on one picture with just a few colors. The Colors really stand out.
Ideational Aspects
This story helps children explore their creativity and celebrate their imagination! The message of the story is to help people who are inspired to make their mark!
Elements of Art
The illustrations in this book have a lot of primary colors. Another unique thing about this book is that the pictures do not fill the entire page. You can tell that dots are the main theme in this story just by looking at the pictures!
Principles of Design
The dot's purpose is to influence young artists to believe in themselves, saying that they don't have to be perfect at art to make it. The dot takes place in a school, in a modern society. The culture is not explained
It is an asymmetrical design, it also has large contrasts with the shadowing of the illustrations. It also emphasizes the feelings Vashti. When she gets angry there are movement lines towards the paper and the background is behind the lines are blank. There is a pattern of dots
The Dot is a form of Expressionism, there is a lot of emotion, starting with a little girl being mad, to her becoming happy again.
Philosophies and
Artistic Theories
The artist is trying to persuade young readers to not give up just because they don't succeed at first.
The Deeper Meaning...
Peter H. Reynolds will often visit classrooms and ask who likes to draw. "In the kindergarten and first grade classes, all of their hands go up. By fourth and fifth grade, most of the hands are down, or perhaps pointing to the 'class artist'. It's sad to see kids creative energy slowing down. I am convinced it's because they learn that there are "rules" to follow. But when it comes to expressing yourself, You can change the rules and stretch them, or ignore them and dive head first into the unknown."

The dot was copy written in
2003, the culture of the book does not fallow the culture of it's time.
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