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Ownership in the Viking Age

No description

Lauren Roso

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Ownership in the Viking Age

Ownership in the Viking Age
Who Were the "Vikings"?
Family and Economic Unit
Power and Administration
Social Status and Land Ownership
Exploration and Raiding
Money, Slavery and Trade

Trade Routes

, or Assembly
Church and Crown
Women in Society

Social Classes Based on Land Ownership
Discussion Topics
Theft v. Raiding
Slave Labor
Womens' ownership rights
Conversion to Christianity
Transition to bullion/coin-based economy
Flackebo rune stone in Vastmanland, Sweden, set up in memory of wife Odindisa:

No better mistress will come to Hassmyra, to look after the farm

Icelandic Saga character who refused to leave husband's side:

I was given young to Njal, and I have promised him that one fate shall fall on us both
Viking Ships and Crew
Viking Raids
Ruins of Lindesfarne Abbey
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