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The Necklace

No description

Nadine Nahas

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of The Necklace

Let's Look at Theme first!
Plot, Setting, Point of View, Theme, Symbolism, Irony
Third Person - Omniscient
Character Preview
Quick Review...
Theme and Symbolism
PLOT REVIEW - Quick Video!
Winter, March, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
About the Author...
Guy de Maupassant
What does Irony mean?
Popular French Writer

Considered one of the fathers of the modern Short Story

Known for naturalism and realism in stories

Heavily influenced by his mother
Mother risked social disgrace to leave his father

Wrote around 300 Short Stories

Died in an asylum at age 42
Examples from the text:
The story's ending!
The necklace was not worth a single penny!
The Necklace
By: Guy de Maupassant
About the Short Story...
Published 1884
This short story was an instance success
"Realistic" Fiction
Belief that fiction should convey real truths
Realism in Fiction...
Focused on middle-class life
Concerned with portraying actions and their consequences
Social factors and cultural environment are powerful forces
Mathilde Loisel
Physically very beautiful
Yearns for a better/richer lifestyle
Wants high status
Very superficial
Monsieur Loisel
Mathilde's husband
Content with simple life
Wants to please his wife by attempting to meet her demands
Contrast to wife (generous, selfless)
Madame Forestier
Mathilde's wealthy friend
Kind nature
Lends Mathilde the necklace

Can you identify the elements of the plot? Share your thoughts!

Introduction / Exposition
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Falling Action
Resolution / Conclusion
Think of all the places mentioned in the short story by the author!
Shabby / Run down apartment along the Rue de Martyrs
Madame Forestier's home
Party at the Ministry
The cab after the party
Attic Flat
Have I missed any?
Point of view
Can you think of any themes present in the story?
Rich vs. Poor
Generosity vs. Greed
Appearances (and deception!)
can you think of more?
The necklace is the major symbol in this story. Why do you think that is?
The necklace represents Mathilde's greed and superficiality.
use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning
Exposition / Introduction
Learn about M. and Mme Loisel and their background.

We are introduced to the characters M. and Mme Loisel. We know Mathilde is a beautiful young woman who married a man of low status. We know she is unhappy with living a simple life. She is resentful of her economic status.

Mathilde day dreams about the wonders she could have in life
Inciting Incident
What starts the conflict in the story?
M. Loisel brings home the invitation to the evening at the Ministerial Mansion
Of course he did this thinking she would be happy...
Instead of being delighted, Mathilde is more unhappy because she does not have a proper dress.
M. Loisel gives Mathilde the 400 Francs that he saved up for his gun so that she can buy a new dress.
Mathilde is still unhappy because she does not have expensive jewelry to go with the dress.
Mathilde visits Mme. Forestier. She borrows a diamond necklace.
Mathilde is the most beautiful woman at the ball and has a wonderful time.
Mathilde and her husband go home. She refuses to put on her coat because she does not want to look poor.
Mathilde realizes that she has lost the expensive necklace.
The couple searches everywhere for the necklace but can't find it
They search for a replacement necklace and find one that will cost them 36 thousand Francs
They borrow money from as many people as possible in order to pay it off
They spend ten years trying to pay off the debt. Mathilde loses her beauty from working too hard to earn the money.
She sees Mme Forestier in the park and goes to her
Mme Forestier tells Mathilde that the necklace was only paste (it was a fake). She tells her it was only worth around 500 Francs
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