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Rules by Cynthia Lord

No description

hanade .

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Rules by Cynthia Lord

Rules by Cynthia Lord
"Rules" is a book that teaches you that normal DOESN'T exist. This heartwarming tale will show you that you can't judge a book by its cover. :)

In the first person view of twelve year old Catherine, she wants the life of a NORMAL person. Not a life with an 8 year old brother with autism in which she feels he's all her parents care about. Since David does some pretty crazy stuff, Catherine came up with some "rules" for him to follow.

Examples of these rules would be: "No toys in the fish tank" & " Say 'excuse me' after you burp". She's really bored of having to babysit David all the time, and her best friend's in California for the summer. Since David has to go to an occasional therapy clinic, she meets Jason, a handicapped boy, who speaks with word cards. He's like a friend in way to Catherine, for she made him some decorative word cards (because she loves to draw) and made a unique friendship with him. Catherine is psyched when she finds out a girl her age, Kristi, moves next door. She doesn't want Kristi to know about David's disability because she's afraid Kristi won't like her. They become sort of friends.
Kristi happens to be working apart of the community center's dance. Kristi is going with Ryan, who's not on good terms with Catherine because he would constantly tease David, and asks Catherine if she can take Jason (who she assumed was her "boyfriend") to the dance. Knowing how people react to David, Catherine is torn about going to the dance with Jason or not. Since the day she met him, she's had a new realization of the definition of normal.
When she mentions it to Jason, he begins to think that she's embarrassed of him.
My rating of this book is a 9.9/10. I loved how the story had a few twists and turns here and there. In conclusion, I totally recommend this book. I only wish it was a bit longer!
At this, Catherine has to test her new understanding of normal. Will she go to the dance with Jason? Or is she too embarrassed? Will she begin to love the in a way, "normal" relationship with her brother? Or will she not? Read the book to find out!
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