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Brain Washed

No description

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of Brain Washed

Cesar Dominguez
Catherine Barrera
Diego Delgado
Nick Lindsey
Introduction into Brandwashed
Overview of Presentation
What is Brandwashed
Chapter Breakdown
Chapter #1: Buy Buy Baby
Chapter #2: Peddling Panic and Paranoia
Chapter #3: I Can’t Quit You
Chapter #4: Buy It, Get Laid
Chapter #5: Under Pressure
Chapter #6: Oh, Sweet Memories
Chapter #7: Marketers’ Royal Flush
Chapter #8: Hope in a Jar
Chapter #9: Every Breath You Take, They’ll Be Watching You
Yes... we are going to go over them all... Why? Because we know you didn't read anything.
Don't worry... you will get your treat's... just be patient.
Chapter #1:

Buy Buy Baby
Which would you choose?
Tactics that marketers use to "reassure" us
Chapter #3:

I Can’t Quit You
Trivia Q's
Chapter #4:

Buy It, Get Laid
Trivia Q's
Chapter #5:

Under Pressure
Chapter #6:
Oh, Sweet Memories
Class Input
Chapter #7:

Marketers’ Royal Flush
Here are some
Chapter #8:
Hope in a Jar
Chapter #9:

Every Breath You Take, They’ll Be Watching You
Chapter #2:
Peddling Panic and Paranoia
Did you know that a fetus can hear a mother's voice from inside the womb?
We may be biologically programmed to like the sounds and music we were exposed to in the uterus
Not only are sounds transferable but good and bad habits from our mothers as well
Examples of Bad Habits
Junk Food
Children are likely to be smokers by the age of 22
if mom smoked during pregnancy
Strong desire for junk food if mother consumed a lot of junk food during pregnancy
We also start to familiarize ourselves with brands as children and cling to those brands as we mature into adults
Parents influence our brand preferences as children known as the "hand me down influence"
Marketers use our emotion of fear to manipulate us into buying things. Example of fears are:
Concerns for our safety, germs, diseases, loneliness
Some fears are planted in our minds by marketers and advertisers, and some are amplified by them
Why do we buy this?
"Fresh Strip" on jars to make us feel like that item is clean and untouched
That "smack" sound you hear when
opening a bottle of Snapple
Was actually created in a lab
Trends, Popularity, Best Sellers, Top Charts - We want what is in, to not be left out/behind.
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
-Since July 29, 2014, The ALS Association has received $115 million in donations!
Video quiz thing...
We will go through each video. Your job.
Name the chapter/concept the video relates to.
Can you guys name another product that uses the buy it,get laid concept?
True or False
Companies use unconscious signals to persuade us to buy their products?
What are some examples that you, family or friend use that applies to this concept?
Among active athletes LeBron James has the biggest contract worth $300M over 10 years, which is still less than Jordan's lifetime contract of 60M a year!
Among active athletes LeBron James has the biggest contract worth $300M over 10 years with Nike, which is still less than Jordan's lifetime contract of 60M a year with Nike!
What is Brandwashed?
The ability for marketers to influence consumers, using a variety of tactics used by global giants and Mom 'n' Pops . These tactics are used to conspire, obscure the truth and manipulate our minds, in service of persuading us to buy.
What is "Hope in a Jar"?
fairy tail
Maria Sharapova
George Foreman
Salton Inc.
David Beckham
Diet Coke Armani
H&M Samsung
Breitling, etc.
How are these related?
(please don't shout out, I will tell you)
Slogan time
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