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Executive Summary

No description

Khristine Kaye Tan

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Executive Summary

Max's Restaurant (Malate Branch)
Aljason Baynosa
Lance Amadante Bonife
Khristine Kaye Tan
Clarence Joy Ricafrente
Josie Marie Manio
Chriscelle Panganiban
Rea Galero
Lourdes Maria Mamba
Venus Ripo

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Executive Summary
Marketing Objectives
Promotion of products, creating budget combo meals, and advertisements will help to attract young market. Therefore, more customers would likely to eat at Max’s restaurant then the sales will increase.
Background of the Study
Marketing Strategies and Implementation
Marketing Mix
Action Plan
• Well-trained personnel
• Favorite venues for social events
• Products of local Filipino delicacies
• Inadequate function rooms
• Highly centralized management hierarchy
• High charges on parking fees
• Renting place only
• Overlooked market segments
• Political changes in their favor
• Another political change
• Aristocrat restaurant
To increase their sales per month by 3% in a time frame of three years.
Market Segmentation and Targeting
Company Description
Started in 1945
Maximo Gimenez
Ruby's secret chicken recipe
Situational Analysis
Max's Restaurant Malate
Downfall of sales
Market Description
Operations can innovate way to make
our store a home for our guest through food and excellent service and by anticipating their needs; good team relationship will bring achievements of target.
To be the most loved Filipino brand, a world class company passionate in bringing out the best in Filipinos with products that delight the world with service that epitomizes Filipino hospitality where every encounter is made memorable and genuine care and service from the heart.
Marketing Plan
Prepared by:
Political Factor
Competitive Forces
Natural Factors
Economic Forces
Environmental Analysis
Competitor's Comparative Analysis
Max's Restaurant
Aristocrat Restaurant
Max's Restaurant
Aristocrat Restaurant
Max's Restaurant
Aristocrat Restaurant
native Filipino delicacies and some American and Chinese cuisine
100 menus
Chicken Honey
Max's Fried Chicken
native Filipino delicacies
the class A’ and B’s, senior citizens and the balik-bayans
Filipino families with small incomes and large appetites
owns the place
can accommodate 300 persons
renting only
smaller space
Market Segmentation
Target Market
• Young, Single, Married with children, married unmarried(consumer market)
• The restaurant targets a segment with an income of Php 1,000.00–5,000.00 (Class C)
• The restaurant targets students and young employees, ages 18-25
• Targeted market have a positive approach towards the delicacies offered by the max’s restaurant
The original classic fried chicken
‘’sarap to the bones’’
traditional Filipino dishes; kare-kare, sinigang na bangus, etc.
Max’s corner bakery
can accommodate 70 persons only
near Baywalk, Malate church and NAIA airport
"Ninong ko si Max"
Technological Factor
Budget and Schedule
Evaluation and Control
This plan gives an assurance that it can succeed in a very high probability. This is because no one in the area there has ever thought of exploiting the potential market of the youth segment.
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