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Are super models a bad influence on teenagers?

No description

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Are super models a bad influence on teenagers?

Teens will get cosmetic surgery in order to change their faults and appearance
Super Models
Are super models a bad influence on teenagers?
Supermodels can often deliver teenagers the wrong message, giving them the idea that it is okay to dress provocatively, to skip meals in order to be skinnier, or to put on layers of makeup so that they can look "perfect".
In conclusion...
Many models can be the first to say that starving yourself is the worst thing you could do to yourself
Hila Elmalich was a 30yr old model & weighed under 30lbs
She died due to anorexia when her heart stopped
Being as skinny as possible can come with consequences
"To me, real beauty is within the soul. The outside is not really what should count." -Model Angela Marchione
BGM Models-plus size model agency that accepts different body types for models
Hila Elmalich
Very successful because of her beauty
Wants to deliver the message that even though her beauty has been a big help to her, it has given her different opportunities that she has mixed emotions about
Cameron Russell
"I got these free things because of how I look, not who I am." -Cameron Russell's TED Talk
Below is a model from BGM
It can have a positive outcome on some teenagers but can also end leaving the teenager even more confused or sad
Plastic Surgery
A lot of times models are a big reason as to why a teenager would want to change her appearance-displaying the "ideal body type"
"Riveting Talks by Remarkable People, Free to the World." TED: Ideas worth Spreading. Ed. Gavin Hall. Intel, 1990. Web. 19 Dec. 2013.
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Works Cited
Cameron Russell's well known TED Talk about her modeling career and what it has brought her
I think that model agencies need to focus more on what message they're sending to teenagers rather then how much many they will be making or how skinny the model must be. If they focus more on the negative aspects of a modeling career, then it will "rub off" on teens and cause things that aren't needed
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