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Black Holes!!

No description

Lily W

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Black Holes!!

Blackholes A Black hole is created when a big star collapses.
Black holes grow as they absorb more objects.
There are three different types of black holes, these are Static black holes, Charged black holes and Rotating black holes.
There are 3 different sizes of black holes, these are: Stella, Supermassive and miniture black holes.
There is a supermassive black hole in the middle of our milky way, 25,000 light years away.
There are currently 14 known black holes
The closest black hole to earth is called Cygnus X which is ten times the size of the sun located about 8000 ligtht years away.
When a star collapses it will shrink. For example a star several times the size of the sun will shrink to the size of a small town.

Facts What are black holes?
Black holes are huge exploded stars that have shrunk and now absorb anything and everything around it. As they absorb objects they grow bigger and bigger and their pull and orbit also grows so it can suck in things from further away. Black holes have been known to grow so large they swollow entire solar systems.
Black hole Wormhole White hole A GLOGSTER PRESENTATION
You have to be going 300, 000 km a second to escape a black hole.
A new study finds that the supermassive black holes at the hearts of some galaxies are the most fuel efficient engines in the universe. "If you could make a car engine that was as efficient as one of these black holes, you could get about a billion miles out of a gallon of gas,"
Two supermassive black holes have been found to be merging together. This will create a single super-supermassive black hole capable of swallowing material equal to billions of stars
Our bodies are made from the dust of dead, exploded stars
The white hole is the only way out of a black hole- if you managed to survive getting in the black hole, which you wouldn't because you have to be going faster than the speed of light.

Rotating Black hole Static black hole A rotating black hole rotates on a vertical axis .
It is also known as the Kerr black holebecause he
was the person that came up
with the the theory that helped discover rotating
black holes.
Static black holes are also known as the Schwarzschild
black hole which is the normal type of black hole.
If you look at this black hole you will see that it has lots
of rings surrounding it. These are called counter rotating
dust rings.
Charged black hole Charged black holes/ Reissner-Nordström
black holes contain electric charge that builds
up inside it. star being eaten!
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