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civil war

No description

andy sampson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of civil war

People of the Civil War Abraham Lincoln He was elected as the U.S. president. He was shot during a play from a man that disliked the states being together again. He was our 16th president. Dread Scott He is the one who made the Dread Scott Compromize. He was a slave that tried to excape. Winfield Scott He was a union army general. Harriet Tubman She saved the slaves by fleeing them. By: Andy Sampson John Ericsson He invented the ironclide. The ironclide
won the fight between the merrimack. Dr. Richard Gatling He is the inventor of the gatling gun. The gatling gun was a perfect wepon for the states. Robbert Parker Parrot He is the inventor of the
cannon it can only fire 1 at a time.
It's bullets are really powerful.
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