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No description

Bella Chan

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of tourism

Movies and Competition
Visit Method
Local people
The End
Blue Mountains National Park
Constraints 1 @ Exchange rate too high
Target Market
Higher education level
e.g.) Opera House
Interested at literature art
Higher income and spending power
Enjoy night life

Group Project
Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Target Market
Teenagers and adults (16-30)
Working holiday workers, Backpackers
Sporty and adventurous

Elderly (50 or above)
Retired workers
Fresh air
Geography for Travel and Tourism
Lecturer: Miss Angela Yu
Information and culture
Three Attractions
Blue Mountain National Park
Taronga Zoo
Opera House
Development Trend
Type of Tourism
Target Market
Local people
International tourists
Constraints and solutions
The state capital of New South Wales
The largest natural harbours of the world
Sydney Opera House
20th-century architecture
Consists of three separate buildings
Located at the Bennelong Point
Taronga Zoo
Group Member : Chu Wen Yee 8473899
Chan Yan Yi 8401339
Shin Ka Po 8463600
Li Hoi Kiu 8416205
Ng Ka Yin 8482046

Lingnan Institute of Further Education
Culture of Sydney
January 26, 1788
The flag that marked the beginning of European settlement in Australia was planted on this very spot.
The First Fleet- 11 sailing vessels battered by eight months at sea during their voyage from England- dropped anchor in the cove right in front of you.
------------------------------>Sydney Harbour
Many bays, rivers, inlets and beaches
E.g.the Bondi , Manly beaches
Many parklands
E.g.Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens
Leisure Activity of Sydney
Most of outdoors
E.g. Cricket
Rugby League
Rugby Union
Many Pubs and Bars
One of the busiest arts centers in the world
Each year more than 2,500 performance
Blue Mountains National Park
Famous attraction in Sydney
Future landscapes attraction & Non man-made
Blue Mountains National Park
1,300 meters from sea level to the peak

Steep cliff, rain forests, valleys….
In 2000, the Blue Mountains would include on the UNESCO World Heritage List
Positive impact at tourism
One of Australia’s National Landscapes
Support more than 100 of the world’s Eucalypt species and more than 400 kinds of vertebrates
Opened in 1973 designed by Jorn Utzon
Why Called “The Blue Mountains”?
The whole mountain diffuse
layer of pale blue

Come from eucalyptus trees
exudes subtle eucalyptus oil
and dust clouds

Why Coming Here?
Visit Concert Hall or Opera Theatre
Why Coming Here?
Greatest hall: Concert Hall
Smallest studio: Utzon Room
Why Coming Here?
The Main Art Performing Companies:
Australian Ballet
Sydney Dance Company
Opera Australia
Do Not Miss It!
All productions from there
Behind the scenes
Luxury dinning at the
"Guillaume at Bennelong"
HKD $100 = AUD $ 13.9

Constraints 1
Problem 2: Affect the spending pattern
Suggestion of Constraints 1

Problem 3: Reduce the attraction
Problem 1: Reduce the traffic of tourist
Provide some promotion
Bondi Beach
attract more visitors
Develop more attraction scenic spot
raise the competitive advantage
Change the travel policy
increase the travel revenue
Constraints 3
Constraints 3 @ Tourism trend to be saturated

Too many tourists visit
- Opera House
- Blue Mountain
- Harbor Bridge
Sydney the traditional attractions
Suggestion of Constraints 3

Use of price to balance the tourism demand

Restriction on passenger of flow
Constraints 2
Constraints 2 @ tourism too focused on the east

Other areas
lack of the promotion and development
Increase Not well known attraction promotion
Beach Tourism
-Must-see tourist attractions

Suggestion of Constraints 2
Develop more different type attractions
-Artificial natural habitat

Use electronic media
-Have Zoo event
Use special spread activities
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
- Promote local tourism opportunities
- Attract people
- Bring the image of Australia around the world
Enhance the promotion for the T-QUAL mark.
Objective: Sydney is the Best Travel Destination
Sports enthusiasts
Nature and adventure
Luxury and wine lovers

Target Market
Type of Tourism
Type of Tourism
Type of Tourism

Sydney does not have new attractions
The near cities have been develpoed such as Gold Coast
over 70 beaches and long coastline

become one of the world's most relaxed, most comfortable exploring the city

surfing, sunbathing
and enjoying the sea in summe
-The famous beach in Sydney

-Golden beach stretches for one kilometer

Adventure Tourism
-join aboriginal tour guide under the leadership of the jungle in Blue Mountain

Adventure Tourism
-Wollombi National Park and Barrington Tops to through ancient rainforests

-enjoy the water sports near Sydney waterfront

Wine Tourism
Hunter Valley is the oldest wine grape growing region
7 district and over 120 wine cellars
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