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Laura Whitaker

on 20 September 2012

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FLORAL PATTERNS Islamic art has wide-ranging style. It's difficult to generalize Islamic art, since the countries included in this category vary greatly and have their own cultures and development. However, there are a few common characteristics that reach across cultures and borders. ISLAMIC ART: MOSAIC TILE Islamic art encompasses the visual arts produced from the 7th century onwards by people (not necessarily Muslim) who lived within the territory that was inhabited by or ruled by culturally Islamic populations. CALLIGRAPHY People are rarely the subject of Islamic Art.
The worship of idols is strongly forbidden.
Therefore the main subjects of Islamic
Art are geometric design, floral pattern and
calligraphy. GEOMETRIC SHAPES Islamic Tile Print Project Step 4: Print using 1 color.
Rotate printing plate to
create a radial design. Step 1: Create 4 rough sketches
for your tile using traditional
Islamic design. (floral, geometric,
calligraphic) Step 2: Select best design. Transfer design to
printing plate by using soft lead pencil transfer
technique. Step 3: Neatly carve on lines. Step 5: Use oil pastels to
add color to each tile section. Assessment:
Following Directions
Using materials properly
Effort Tiles in architecture
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