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The Road to the Civil War

Ten events that happened before 1860 that is going to cause the nation to enter into a civil war.

Meagan Rogers

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of The Road to the Civil War

The Road to the Civil War Wilmot Proviso Year: 1846 Effect: Sectionalism is growing.
There is a proposal to outlaw slavery
but did not pass. Where: Mexican Cession (Arizona,
New Mexico, California, Texas) Who supported it? Free-Soil Party Compromise of 1850 Effects:
1. California would enter the Union as a Free State.
2. The rest of the Mexican Cession would be federal land.
3. Texas would give up land east of the Upper Rio Grande.
4. The Slave Trase-but not slavery-would end in the nation's capital.
5. A more effective fugative slave law would be passed. Where: California, Mexican
Cession, Texas Rio Grande Who designed it? Henry Clay Fugitive Slave Act Year: 1850 Effect: It made it a crime to help runaway slaves. (6 mths in prison/$1000 fine) Slaves had to be returned. How did Northerner feel? Outraged. Government ignored Habeas Corpus. Uncle Tom's Cabin Year: 1852 Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe What was it about: the institution of Slavery in the South Why did it spark outrage in the South? Because the novel electrified the nation. It drew many people to join the Abolitionists' cause. Kansas-Nebraska Act Year: 1854 Effect: Allowed popular sovereignity to decide on slavery in Kansas & Nebraska Who created the act? Stephen Douglas What did it eliminate? The Missouri Compromise's resctiction on slavery north of the 36 30 line. Bleeding Kansas Year: 1856 What act caused the violence? The Kansas-Nebraska Act Who were the two groups fighting? Pro-Slavery and Anti-Slavery forces Dred Scott Decision Year: 1857 Who was Dred Scott? An enslaved african who lived in free territories who sued for his freedom after his slaveholder died. What did he sued for in 1846? He sued for his freedom in the Missouri state courts. What was his argument? That he'd become free when he lived in free territory. Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the case? Roger B. Taney The Supreme Court Decision: All African Americans, whether slave or free, were not CITIZENS under the U.S. Constitution. John Brown's Raid Year: 1855 Who led the Raid? John Brown What did they want to attack and take? Attack- the federal arsenal in virginia . Take white hostage southerners who stood in his way. What did they want to start? An uprising; slave rebellion What did northerners think? Some abolitionists
criticized his extreme actions & some mourned
death Election of 1860 What did southerners think? Felt threatened
by his attacks Who won? Abraham Lincoln Who did this anger? The Southerners The South Secedes Year: 1861 What did they name the new nation? the Confederacy Who was elected President? Jefferson Davis
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