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Effect or Affect???

No description

emily tsai

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Effect or Affect???

Effect or Affect ???

This incident should not (Effect, Affect ) your decision
What are the cause and (Effect, Affect) of this passage?
Which word is correct ??
pretest #1
The war (Effected, Affected) him badly.
The medicine had a good (Effect, Affect) on her cold.
Pretest #2
What is the difference between Affect and Effect ?
Affect is usually used as a verb
Effect is usually used as a noun
When should you use Affect?
When you use it as a Verb
Affect has a mean "to influence," as in, "The arrows affected Ardvark," or "The cold weather affected Kelly's new hairdo."
The girl with bad hairdo
When should you use Effect ???
Effect usually is being used as a noun
Effect usually contains a meaning of "The result" Example "The effect was eye poping" or "The rain had no effect on Kim's hair."
Kim possible's pretty hair
1. Alcohol has a detrimental (Affect,Effect) on the human body.
Post Test !
2. Ms. Cruz's life lesson (Affected, Effected) my life.
3. The pouring rain has (Effected, Affected) everybody's mood.
4. The (Effect, Affect) of the flood was devastating
5. My good friend James has a good (Affect, Effect) in my life
Answers !
1. Effect
2. Affected
3. Affected
4. Effect
5. Effect
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