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HL Survivors and HRQoL

No description

Alexandria Blacker

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of HL Survivors and HRQoL

Alex Blacker Health-Related Quality of Life and Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors San Diego State University Affects white blood cells
84% survival rate
High incidence in AYA (15-39) and over 55 What is Hodgkin Lymphoma? In Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors, how do the levels of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) vary due to physical activity?
In addition, in this same population how do SES, age at diagnosis, and psychosocial factors influence HRQoL? Research Question: Research
Design Nationwide survey that assesses the health of American population What is BRFSS? - Adults 18 and over interviewed
- One per household
- Consists of three parts Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor Sample Procedures and Measures Telephone based, cross-sectional survey
Completed monthly by state health departments
Interviewers followed standard procedures to collect the information. Procedures HRQoL Measures Frequent Physical Distress (>= 14 days)
Frequent Mental Distress (>= 14 days)
Frequent Activity Limitations (>= 14 days)
Unhealthy Days (either Physical or Mental) Variables of Interest Age at Diagnosis Psychosocial Factors Emotional Support Life Satisfaction Socioeconomic Status Physical Activity Income Educational Attainment Age, ethnicity, and
gender Other Covariates Analytic
Plan Results Frequency Table Univariate Analysis Final Multivariate Models Frequent Physical Distress and Physical Activity Descriptive Frequencies Univariate
Analysis Multivariate Logistic Regression Important Findings Life Satisfaction is VERY important What do we know now? Next Steps Consider a discriminate analysis 432,607 in total BRFSS sample Of those... Of those... Of those... 468 answered cancer survivor question with HL 406 answered HL as their only cancer diagnosis -41 had missing values Final Sample 365 Fit all the criteria Frequent Mental Distress and Life Satisfaction Unhealthy Days and Life Satisfaction Physical Activity is important to improve physical distress and
activity limitation Each level is affected a little differently Where do we go from
here? Literature on life satisfaction Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System Quality of Life Health-Related
Quality of Life Negative and
aspects of health Health of an
individual or
community Clear relationship to physical or mental health What is Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) ? Possibly control for income
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