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Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman

Eight Grade Reading Project 2012 by Samantha Harrington

Samantha Harrington

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman

Prezi by Samantha Harrington
Today's modern day time
New York
The "technology" era; also scientifically
known as the Holocene era

The author creates a mood through these
details by referencing to the use of electrical items such as cell phones and TV's. Also how they express themselves.
He is very intelligent and responsible. He becomes braver and knows more of what he wants towards the end of the book.
He is very careless, rude and reckless and obviously very insecure. He becomes nicer to his brother because of all they've been through.

External Conflict: Blake is trying to make it through all seven rides of the park by dawn while at the same time trying to find his brother and friends.
Two brothers find themselves at an old, magical amusement park. It doesn't exist unless you have an invitation to be there.
Quinn goes in alone and Blake and his friends go in to find him. Little do they no that they may not make it out...
You must ride seven rides by dawn or will be a slave to the insane park forever. These aren't just your ordinary rides though.
Each ride turns itself into whatever has been troubling you in you mind. Blake and Quinn must escape this horror by dawn if they want to het back home.
Plot (continued)
Plot (continued)
Plot (continued)
Internal Conflict: Blake has to go through the park facing his fears and try to find out who he really is and what he's capable of.
" Ever had the real world hit you like a steel pole to the head? Until now all I had from the university was an acceptance letter and a dozen of forms to fill out."
Quote continued:
" Wham! Sixteen years old and living at a college in New York City? What was I, crazy?".

The author's tone is cynical and ironic most of the time but usually has some light humor.
Quote that describes setting:
" Beyond the mural was the swinging boat ride- a typical carnival ride. In fact, everything seemed typical, There was a pint sized bumber car arena,"....
Quote (continued):
"..., a carousel piping out callipe music, and any number of spinning rides. Each one was the kind of attraction that could easily be taken down and reassembled in a day."
The theme of this book is to forgive and forget. Blake has never forgiven himself for something that wasn't his fault. But in the end, Blake needs to move on from that time and forget what he couldn't control.
This novel made me feel that you need to discover yourself before you decide to make drastic decisions. The larger message I took was that you need to move on from the past and move foward.
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